Childish Left Try To Shape Narrative By Flooding Twitter With Idiocy

Get a load of Bart Simpleton—>

24 Comments on Childish Left Try To Shape Narrative By Flooding Twitter With Idiocy

  1. And, speaking of “idiocy,”
    the latest about “The Memo” from the Left
    is that the GOP wrote it
    (happens to be a FISA doc).
    Perhaps the summary, however….

  2. It’s a Schumer shutdown, Schumer shutdown, Scumer shutdown. Chuchie shutdown. Schumie,Chuckie,Schumer shutdown. Live with it. Schumuks.

  3. Anone watching these clowns at 12: 15 am and heard the two “dueling” speeches should have no doubt that it is the Schumer Shuffle into oblivion — last year’s election was about this bull crap. We’re idiots if we continue to tolerate the Democrats turning America into a shithole.

    Are we too far gone or is there any sense or decency left in American politics (and they do this after we’re hearing of FISA-Gate.

  4. It’s a shame that McConnell can’t seem to push his Senators to keep unified like the dems manage to do so well. Our biggest problem is weak leadership and if that changed Trump could get even more amazing results. Mitch just continues to mumble as the republic burns.

  5. The NYT and the AP are both blaming the Demonrats! I love the stupid people who continue to say that the Rs have the majority in the Senate and fail to realize it requires 60 votes to pass (0f course Mitchy could change that rule).

  6. Always trying to win the narrative.

    They are in denial about everything, which of course is no surprise, try talking to a liberal about homosexuality, and watch the excuses fly!

  7. The majority of those in Congress should all be replaced at the next election. This group would be fired if they actually worked in the real world like we do. All they care about is votes and staying in office. They have no intention of working together for the actual people they represent. And the Democrats and some Republicans actually care more about the illegal immigrants and they do the actual citizens of this country. They are a disgraceful group of self-serving misfits who can’t get anything done for the people they represent

    . Vote them all out next time and let’s really clean the swamp.

  8. Brilliant concept Marq, but the reality is that 94% will be re-elected. Yes, the people in this country are that stupid. Term limits is the only way.

  9. Last night, the local NBC affiliate here in Tampa, FL read tweets associated with #shutdown, #trumpshutdown, and #schumershutdown. While reading the #schumershutdown tweet he “forgot” to say “schumer” and merely referred to it as #shutdown. He did not forget to say “trump” in the #trumpshutdown.

  10. That was the Liberal Adult version of placing the palms firmly over the ears and shouting: “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la”
    Whilst running around in circles

  11. Sorry, Leftists, but your mindless repetition will not overcome serendipitous alliteration. Jesse Jackson could have told you that. I predict at least one of your vaunted news readers or Representatives will say “schumer shutdown” on air, when they had every intention of saying “trump shutdown” instead. I’d especially keep an eye on Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters and Joy Ride; They’re prone to that sort of slip-up.

  12. Everyone knows that whichever side tweets #[insert name here]Shutdown the most times in 24 hours is on the right side of history.

    CNN will count the tweets and pronounce the official blame tomorrow.

    Don’t believe me? Look it up. It’s in the Constitution, Chapter 7 Social Media.

  13. @ ?
    If the right doesn’t see it then it doesn’t exist?
    I’m not following.
    Is your recommendation that we hand Twitter and Facebook and all other social media to the left and if no one on the right participates this neuters the left?

    That’s a fantastic idea in a vacuum, where everything is a zero sum game and no new people who are beginning to form their worldview are coming down the pike.
    What do we do, just hand them over to the leftwing social media indoctrination platforms?

    So the left will have schools, television and motion picture arts, and social media?
    What will the right have?

  14. Twitter is already engaging in the equivalent of denying people on the right service at their lunch counter.

    How much of a ripple did Project Veritas create? No coverage in the media. No repercussions for Twitter. They openly bragged about suppressing nonoffensve political speech and a week later its business as usual.


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