Chuck Todd Asks Great Questions On Carney’s Last Day as Wormy Slimeball

What a sh!tty job to have, whitewashing incompetence that actually kills people.

Yet, the a-hole-in-chief claims that global warming has killed people.



7 Comments on Chuck Todd Asks Great Questions On Carney’s Last Day as Wormy Slimeball

  1. “…What a shitty job to have, whitewashing incompetence…”

    Yeah, and the White House Press Secretary has to also.

  2. Good riddance Jay, we won’t miss you shilling all the BS for lil barry anymore. As for the new guy, good luck sucker you’re going to need it. Why do the democraps always have the worst lying POS press secretaries? Maybe Jay can get a gig like another lying sack of shit press secretary, LBJ’s Bill Moyers whom I can’t stand.

  3. Somebody has got to the cuffs on this regime.
    Will the frog march ever occur?
    The press is now a cartoon of themselves. It’s over for them. They just receive news from the regime’s handout, so they best make sure that ‘dearleader’ reads it the paper the next day, or else.
    I hope the next x-press-spokesdemon dicks with them even more than the past baghdadbobs.
    I bet I am correct on that.

  4. Methinks Carney is quitting because he still has a semblance of a conscience. However, he may be spending the next few months in a confessional.

  5. I got a “click jacking” warning at the link. Site registered on my computer as “untrusted”

    Feminist/war on women/racism is the new global warming.


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