Clinton-appointed judge orders Ohio school district to let boys use girls bathroom

EAG: COLUMBUS, Ohio – A federal judge appointed by President Bill Clinton ruled on Monday that an Ohio school district must force students to share restroom facilities with transgender classmates of the opposite sex.

Highland Local Schools challenged a decree issued by President Obama to schools this spring that threatened to withhold federal funds for schools that segregate restroom and locker room facilities based on biological sex.

Obama asserts that federal Title IX anti discrimination laws protect transgender students’ “right” to use whatever facilities they “identify” with, but that interpretation is currently mired in numerous legal challenges, including the Highland case.  

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  1. My understanding is congress can just get rid of every federal court except the supreme court. If they wanted to.
    Boy would I love to run congress, because i would fix these azzwipes but good.

  2. How in the world did our government acquire the power to tell a local school district who can piss in whatever bathroom they want? By withholding funding?

    Fuck the Dept/Education. Eliminate it. It’s nothing more then a multi billion dollar slush fund that is used for coercion. Coercion I would add that is directed by the teacher’s unions.

    You will never see REgressives scream, holler, piss & moan like you will when you threaten to take control of our children away from them. Don’t for a second think that Trump talking at almost every campaign stop about school choice is going unnoticed by these vultures.

    It’s also being heard by blacks who are sick & tired of their children getting fucked year in & year out by the teacher’s unions.

    The left understood over 100 years ago that they had to play a long game by undermining our schools. School choice to them is like sunlight to a vampire. There’s a good reason why assholes like Ayers went from blowing up buildings into education.

  3. Dear Heavenly Father i pray unto you to guide me through this craziness. I have raised five children, and only need to get the last 2 through school. I pray that you will put a stop to this non-sense and shield us from this going any further. I also pray that you will watch over me and protect my family after i go to prison because someone with a mental problem decided he was a she, and lays hands on my youngest daughter. Please forgive me for having the reaction any father would have. Amen!

  4. You have another lefty judge making a decision that’s not really surprising. At one point there is going to be a backlash the likes of which the left has never seen. There is a show on TV called “Modern Family”. It a 30 minute comedy and it’s pretty funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s the story of three related family’s, one with an older husband and a younger foreign wife, a regular family with three kids and a gay couple who adopted a kid. This season they jumped the shark by introducing a new character, a young transsexual as a son/daughter/whatever as the new next door neighbour. I suspect that this may either be the last year or the new character will disappear without a trace. Funny thing is there are no black regulars on the show. They appear for a show or too then are gone. I guess trannies carry more weight in Hollywood then blacks.

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