Clockmed’s Lawsuit Explodes in His Face



Clockmed’s Lawsuit Explodes in His Face

22 Comments on Clockmed’s Lawsuit Explodes in His Face

  1. It would be alarming if it wasn’t tossed. Better that it was tossed then to pursue it and lose face. Who knows, they may go back four seconds…

  2. I think this was all his fathers doing.
    No more visions of dates dancing in his head.
    So much for the future of clockboy.
    Resigned to the late night joke list.

  3. Tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM 💣
    C.A.I.R. announced they will appeal to the Judicial Court of Sharia, on grounds of Islamaphobia.

  4. “Case closed!” stated the judge, as his gavel pounded clock-boy’s remote control to pieces and the courtroom exploded…in laughter.


  5. Now, arrest dad and son for building a hoax briefcase bomb and intentionally bringing it onto school property to cause a predictable bomb scare.
    All a setup to stage this lawsuit…which they just lost.

    Muslims. The sharpest minds of the 7th century. Still.

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