CNN asks, is Trump’s condemnation too late?

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  1. Have we forgotten that Obama invited BLM thugs to the White House after Ferguson/ Baltimore riots? Did he tell them to keep up the good work? AG Holder told the world “I will not prosecute my people,” thus encouraging more riots?
    We’ve got to keep hammering fake news with the truth.

  2. In 1954 or so when the first newsman or politician asked the first black person “what they “think”….both of them should be knocked on their ass. Ask your dog or cat and you may get a good answer………

  3. So Trump made a perfectly acceptable statement on Saturday (my opinion) and he better a more specific statement yesterday after having all the facts. He was criticized for reading it off the teleprompter! THEN: he is so sloppy in his speech NOW: he is too scripted. See Margaret Thatcher’s statement above.

  4. NPR goofy yesterday complained Sessions didn’t make a statement until THREE HOURS after the car ran into the crowd.

    T H R E E H O U R S, not good enough for NPR. Then, goofy suggested Sessions racist history was a factor in DELAY of his statement.

    NPR usually calls PDT “Trump”, did you ever hear NPR call Obama anything other than “President Obama”?

    Sent an email to President Trump begging him to make it happen – cut all tax payer money from the bastards.

  5. In 8 years that disgusting, unqualified, treasonous, limp wristed, light in the loafers, bone smoking Kenyan commie never once used his power, position, and influence to tell radical black criminals to knock that shit off. Every chance he had he took the criminal’s side over the cops. And now the left is questioning Trump?

  6. President Donald Trump has mentioned Heather Heyer by name several times.
    She was the girl that was run down in Charlottesville.

    Did president Obama EVER mention Kate Steinle by name?

  7. LOCO

    Last week there was a conservative gunned down by a lefty lunatic neighbor. Two bullets in the head in front of his wife. Were’s the outrage? Was it even covered on CNN?

  8. When you start condemning someone for not adequately condemning something else to suit condemner #1, the one that started it needs to be condemned.

  9. Media Trolling

    Just like nasty family court lawyers, they utilize the word “too” to express either an excessive amount or neglectful amount of something.

    The mother makes the child do his homework.
    “She works her son too hard!”

    The mother is not that concerned about homework.
    “She is too lenient!”

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