CNN guest spews a torrent of racial epithets on CNN – Because, Trump


Dangerous: Ex-CIA operative and mainstream media pundit Philip Mudd listed off a dizzying flood of racial epithets on CNN Thursday night.

The triggered tirade came in response to allegations that President Trump called some third world nations ‘shitholes’ in a private meeting with senators.

The president has denied using the term, and GOP senators have said they “do not recall” the word being used.

But appearing on Don Lemon’s show, and declaring himself a “proud shitholer” because he claims his ancestors came from Ireland and Italy, Mudd said that a generation ago Lemon would be little more than a “n–ger.”

Mudd, who is white, used similar ugly language to describe Asian Americans and other immigrants, saying “slant-eyes” helped to build this country.

Mudd’s comments appear to be intended as words of support for people from shithole nations who would like to immigrate to the U.S.

After being called the n-word, Lemon pivoted to another guest.   – Watch it here

The shocking word uttered on CNN brought to mind another incident in 2012, in which a CNN reporter said “fucking n–ger” on the air during a report on a shooting spree in Tulsa.

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  1. Made it to 43 seconds. Q Anon, if you believe that shit, first referred to the CIA as Clown In Action. Our most dangerous enemy. After that just Clowns. This guy looks like an analyst, not an operator. He should watch his ass.

  2. Here’s the problem. No one is saying that Haiti is actually a nice place. If you’re mad at someone for saying something, you tell them, “you’re wrong”, or “that’s a lie” or “I lived there for several years and it was a fine place”. No, they are mad because he said it. They agree with Trump but are too cowardly to stand up and tell the truth.

  3. 🔴 Sorry, IOTWers🔴 I’ve been a little snarky lately, I still love ‘ya, were all on the same team.

    🔵 Liberals losing their minds 🔵
    ⚫ Tell me you DON’T get a kick out of this? Ha!
    ⚫ They are childishly trying to arm-wrestle the news-cycle narrative away from any Trump positivity. Watch how they operate. DOW or other corporation news, the “Tokyo Rose” media invents some weirdo crisis to get attention back on themselves. With Lemon and this douchebag doing the heavy lifting, and a day before that it was Oprah-gushing.
    ⚫ Liberals having to desperately utter the giant “no-no words” on television to make the “viral” cycle. It just makes them look like racists themselves.
    ⚫ The “news” is just a free 24 hour cycle of free DNC attack ads.

    🔵 Everyone can see they are LOSING, and it’s complete tabloid sensationalism, nothing but pure enjoyment on my end. . .

  4. Is he related to that other fool, Roger Mudd? Roger left CBS when he didn’t get the anchor spot when Walter Cronkite, another far leftist, retired.

  5. i’m going there….

    the only rap lyrics i know are:

    nigga nigga nigga nigga
    bro bro ho ho

    gonna kap a cop yo
    bro bro ho ho

    rape yo daughter like a dog
    yo yo ho ho

    why do you not respect me????

  6. Love how Don Lemon cuts the mic on conservative John Fredricks for hurting his feelings the other day(from the Daily Caller):

    “You know what John Fredericks, John, until that last comment — Yeah I’m going to cut you off. Can we please cut him off? Can we take him off the screen? Can we get rid of John Fredericks? Thank you” Lemon said.

    Lemon claimed he was going to allow Fredericks to finish, but took his last comment as an insult and accused him of defending racist behavior.

    What, now he is handing out N-word passes to White guys who fit his narrative like it ain’t no thing (but a chicken wing).

  7. So, let me get this, I don’t watch TV, but from what I read and clips that I watched, the only person who didn’t actuality say s**thole was Trump. Everyone else seemed so happy to be throwing it (lol) around.

  8. The phony exaggerated outrage of Philip Mudd brought tears to Don’s eyes. Sniff, sniff. What a pile of dung!


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