CNN, No Better Than A Propaganda Outlet


The extent to which CNN is willing to go to propagate the false story of Russian influence over Donald Trump is an eye opening example of journalistic malfeasance.  It all goes back to the now notorious “dossier” on then candidate Donald Trump prepared by Republican oppo research.

First, the network lent credibility to BuzzFeed crapola by reporting that the file of salacious material existed.  This allowed the “pile of garbage” website to publish the actual contents of the dossier by claiming that CNN had made it a news story and they were just adding to it.

Then there’s the use of political hacks DNI James Clapper and CIA Director Brennan to propagate the Russian influence story that the Democrats are trying desperately to poison the American public against the new Administration before it assumes office.  The manipulation was so obvious that Bob Woodward appeared on Fox’s Chris Wallace Show this weekend and called out his old Watergate colleague Carl Bernstein for his crap work done at CNN on the Russian influence propaganda.

The CNN Buzzfeed credibility circle Here

Woodward calling out Bernstein Here

Make no mistake, what CNN did is the very definition of “propaganda” in putting out a specific narrative in the hopes that others pick it up and spread it further for them.  This case ranks among the worst example because of the false nature of the entire narrative from start to finish and the complete cooperation of the Democrats (John Lewis for example) to echo the message as far and wide as they can reach.




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  1. “An unexciting truth may be eclipsed by a thrilling falsehood.”
    ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

  2. The “media” both “news” and “entertainment” have long ago passed into the oblivion of leftist propaganda organs. Of equal, if not greater concern is that “education” has been completely co opted into leftist “indoctrination”.

    It’s time to boycott the “media” and END public education. Tear it down and start over because it is too diseased to save at this point. Let the market sort it out.

  3. Just like Jimmy Carter appreciates the outgoing POS POTUS, lying Dan Blather (that ought to be the spelling) appreciates CNN faking the news. I refuse to watch any lamestream media.

    They are water-carrying whores for Obama, the Hildabeast, and evil Democrats.

  4. Lunar Module Model operating outside normal parameters
    Just Stirring the tanks CNN msNBC
    No Ground Control Gas Gas Gas mask details for U
    Re-Entry to Real World in t-minus 4

  5. Its time to cut the cable cord. CNN can not stay afloat (same with ESPN) without your bundled cable package. Canceling your service will end their network. We need to boycott cable an send a message.

  6. Hopefully Trump’s FCC will rule that Cable must be unbundled and consumers can pay only for those channels they choose.

    That will be a revolution, and not just for CNN.
    All the SJW channels will follow Air America and Al Jazeera English into oblivion.

    I’d gladly sign up for a Breitbart channel.


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