CNN’s April Ryan Called Out for Fake Report On Trump Aide’s Firing

100%FedUp: The Secret Service pushed back on a CNN reporter’s claim that a fired Trump aide was physically removed from the White House:

Reporting regarding Secret Service personnel physically removing Omarosa Manigault Newman from the @WhiteHouse complex is incorrect.

Earlier today, CNN’s April Ryan reported Trump administration aide Omarosa Manigault had to be escorted out of the White House by Secret Service officers after she was fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly. American Urban Radio Networks’ White House correspondent April Ryan told the story about the aide’s firing on CNN.   MORE

23 Comments on CNN’s April Ryan Called Out for Fake Report On Trump Aide’s Firing

  1. Have watched her try to go up against Sarah a number of times. Most everything she asks during the briefings is race-based–to the point of obsession. And I just want to reach through the screen,grab her by her chubby cheeks, and introduce her to Shaken April Syndrome.

  2. This woman is insane. She has suggested SHS would poison a pie she would feed to the press, she has no ability to hide her bias and disdain and she doesn’t even cover any serious issues. Why the hell does she have a pass to the WH press pool?!

  3. About Omarosa, what was she doing at Trump’s administration, anyway?
    It comes a point where, even I who support the President, have to question his saying that he “surrounds himself with the best people.”

  4. If this woman has WH press credentials they need to be taken away or she needs to reveal the “source” that gave her the story. Trump needs to really play hardball with those reporting fake news.

  5. I don’t particularly like any reporters. But April Ryan is one I despise. She’s like one of those loudmouth women at Walmart who make a scene at the checkout because the coupon she wanted to use was expired.

  6. To her, someone holding a door open as a courtesy, is being ‘escorted out’.
    Because, if a man holds a door open for a woman, said woman must be an escort, or sumtin she don’ get.

  7. She has a special-er hatred of POTUS Trump, who called her out at the “very fake news” press briefing a while back.

    She is Affirmative Action all the way to the bank.

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