CNN’s Brooke Baldwin finds comfort in gutter with Don Lemon

Truthfeed:  CNN Host Brags About ‘Testicle’ Size on Live TV

Remember when CNN’s Brooke Baldwin feigned “outrage” when a guest on her show used the word “boobs” in a sentence?

The guest, Clay Travis said the First Amendment and “boobs” have never let him down.

Baldwin was so “offended” by the comment she later tweeted about it, saying that language is “never ok.”

Apparently, however, it’s “OK” for Brooke to go on live TV and compare the size of her “balls” to co-host Don Lemon’s.  read more

16 Comments on CNN’s Brooke Baldwin finds comfort in gutter with Don Lemon

  1. Lib wife had CNN on during NYE. Between the Andy and Anderson glitterati show and some dunce beeyotch getting stoned in Colorado, I didn’t know whether to shit or throw up.

  2. Next episode they’ll see who between the two of them can fit the biggest balls in their mouth. They don’t have to worry about an FCC fine because noone watches CNN.

  3. I should think that the word “boobs” is descriptive of all of the so-called “air talent” on CNN.

    Just sayin’.

  4. (Groucho Marx voice)

    “What’s the difference between Brooke Baldwin’s balls and Don Lemon’s?

    One pair of balls is caked with dry feces.”

  5. Liberal Sharia Law is just like Muslim Sharia Law

    There are 1000 rules for the infidel, but the believers can do what they want.


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