CNN’s Fake News Gets Trump-Hating Politico Reporter Fired

Breitbart: A statement from President-elect Donald Trump’s office quickly denied a CNN report that Trump’s daughter Ivanka would get an office currently being used by outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama.

But that denial came after CNN’s Wednesday rumor was shared via Tweet by a Politico reporter, who was quickly fired for her crude comments.

The rumor started with a Tweet from CNN’s Lisa Mirando.

13 Comments on CNN’s Fake News Gets Trump-Hating Politico Reporter Fired

  1. Politico has journalistic standards?
    I suppose they are similar to MSNB, CNN, NBC and CBS.

    If you set your standards low enough “fake” news fits nicely.

  2. She was already on her way out to work at The Atlantic. This probably means a bigger signing bonus for her, because, OMG, TRUMP!!

  3. This firing is eyewash, she had already submitted her resignation and was starting at The Atlantic come January.
    Politico gets to save face and she keeps being employed. It was a setup.

  4. What’s wrong with f**king his daughter?
    Hell, I’d f**k her!

    and it was kinda exciting seeing MY daughter motor-boated by that guy …

  5. “…Ioffe later Tweeted an apology, calling her post “a tasteless, offensive tweet.”…”

    That, from a tasteless, offensive twat.

    Oh dear, that was a tasteless, offensive comment. So fire me!

  6. Looks like another libel suit coming. Keep it up Dhimmos and you will be paying for Trump’s election victory.


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