CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Gets Mocked by Prog Comic

You’ve really sunk your credibility when progressive comic Jimmy Dore scores laugh after laugh in front of a leftist audience at your expense.

Case in point, Jimmy did a six minute bit on David Frum excusing shoddy journalism by the ‘most trusted name in news’ on their weekend feature, “Reliable Sources.”  Watch —Warning: Jimmy’s on the left, so of course he has to pepper his language with  gratuitous swearing.

7 Comments on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Gets Mocked by Prog Comic

  1. I have a feeling that Frum is going to bring his word-magic to the Romney Senate campaign…

    “Well, Brian, the fact that Mitt lost to Obama AND gave him the prototype for Obamacare is EXACTLY why he should be elected Senator…”

  2. I had never heard of Jimmy Dore until recently when I watched a video of him trashing Obama on The Young Turks. Was surprised as that’s a Progtopia outfit.

  3. What is this gratuitous swearing you speak of? Kidding. After 40 years with a machinist, I picked up way too much. Sailors ain’t got nothing on machinists. 🙂


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