Coke Commercial Casting Call – CALLING ALL GENDER QUEERS!

We have an actor that reads this site. He sent this in.

What is Coke up to now??

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  1. Congratulations Meerkat!
    I don’t know what to say about the #1 student movie. It’s a thing-this ‘I’m different is normal’ wave of kids. It’s everywhere. When I was in art school we didn’t care what you identified as other than a friend and/or competitor. Lotsa homework to do and everyone wanted to be the best-no time for such things. My art school now has the alphabet soup groups who meet to discuss all things alphabet soup. Yeah, whatever…but can you draw?

  2. I meant “their”, help me Illustr8r…Will she come out of art school with 3 piercings and 4 tattoos?

  3. Thanks Illusr8r! 🙂 She’s a youth group leader in church and an all around great girl. She’s my oldest. And we have another daughter right behind her who is also interested in art (You may remember her from the Doodle for Google a couple of years ago). And right behind her is my son who is a computer programmer guy. (12th, 11th, and 10th grade). So me and my wife a sweating it out because we were tech (non-arts) and had it pretty easy with careers when we got out of school.

  4. Congrats meerkat. My friend’s daughter went through art school. Tell your daughter not to feel bad when the most depressing works of others get high praise.

    As for Coke, is Pat from old SNL not acting anymore?

  5. @geoff, Diet Rite for me, too. When Coke came out with Diet Coke with Splenda (Aspartame makes me sick), I tried it. Went back to Diet Rite. But I mostly drink water.

  6. Coke can do all “they” want to be edgy and inclusive, I will still order a Coke wherever they sell Pepsi. Whenever I’m told that they only have Pepsi products, I will sigh loudly and say, I guess I’ll have a Mountain Dew.

    You see, Coke commercials do not resonate with me, good or bad. I’m not exposed to the lame stream media constantly. So my view of Coke is that the shit was damn good 40-plus-odd years ago and I was sold on it as a product back then. So much so that I’ll ask you if you want a Coke, but I will likely hand you a Black Cherry sparkling water. Anything soda-like in my opinion is a Coke.

  7. Hopefully, they need someone like that for the punch line of their new commercial.
    Someone who identifies as ‘they’? Should ‘their’ names be ‘Eve’?

  8. WTF is this country coming to? It seems that every thing is turning upside down now days. So coke thinks they’re really hip by being so inclusive of perversions. Well, I for one am old, set in my ways and somewhat crotchety. I have no intentions of changing my views. I can do without coke. I know it will not affect such a massive company, but it will make me feel batter.

  9. I’m glad we gave up all sodas years ago. There is nothing but carbonated water loaded with high fructose corn syrup,artificial color, artificial coloring, and other ingredients that have no nutritional value. Substitute diet versions and you get a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals, which are even more harmful and provide extreme sweetness cues that cause you to crave even more, leading to weight gain.
    💦 Water is the best thing for hydration.
    I refuse to pay a couple of dollars foo this crap whe going out for a meal. I’d rather go with water.

  10. I love the occasional Coke……if they follow through with this and make it a blatant part in a commercial……I’m going to actively start searching for another brand to buy at the store.

  11. @Meercat Deep breath- your kids will have endless possibilities for art jobs when they graduate. Being an artist now is WAY different than it was when I graduated-thanks to computers, games, apps and the internet. So many different fields need art now. Look up Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer and Animator on GlassDoor jobs or LinkedIn jobs. Bigger towns will have more jobs but it’ll give you an idea what’s out there. Your son the programmer…in Seattle as an intern he could earn 80K to start…it’s crazy! 👍

  12. Coke writes me 4 checks a year, for the past 20+ years. Whatever they need to do to keep the money rolling in I don’t care. If what they do makes my check amount less, that’s when they get kicked to the curb. Coke pays me far more than I pay them.

  13. We’ll be so “diverse” that we’ll yearn to gather in groups.
    At the foot of the Tower of Babel or within earshot of a minaret.

  14. I can see the commercial: an impressionable little boy being tossed a pair of soiled panties- “Wow! Thanks Gene go Jean!”

  15. Pepsi and Coke can both go to Hell…. Pepsi still has that Ofucknuts logo on their bottles. … cannot even stand to look at it, much less drink it.

  16. There will be more non-trannies dressed up as trannies auditioning. And they’ll get it, because the real trannies will be too busy screaming at each other and crying to focus.

  17. Y’know … they’re not asking us to accept (tolerate) perversion – they’re DEMANDING that we participate!
    YUGE difference.
    Every Coke and Coke product pays for this insanity – this immorality.
    How can any man who thinks himself “moral” (whether or not he tolerates perversion) can sit still while these DEMAND tribute?
    Think this excessive? Think I’m being “homophobic” or going “eleventy?”
    “They” will say: “You don’t have to buy it.” Which is true, as far as it goes, but what of “their” response to smoking, to telling the truth about the Globaloney Scam, to relating the facts about Demonrats and their nihilistic, totalitarian aims, to acknowledging that Obola (with the assistance of the socialists and the acquiescence of the RINOs) attempted to destroy this country both financially and militarily?

    Ho! This is so far more important, more destructive of our nation, than fucking tax rates that it’s laughable (derisively). What are we thinking? What has happened to morality? What has happened to our sense of proportion?

    Our Highest Court is debating whether an individual can be FORCED, through the enormous power of the State, to bake a cake for a pervert (or a pair of perverts)! Are we serious?

    izlamo delenda est …

  18. this is why I haven’t drank a Coke or Pepsi product for over two decades. I buy generic grocery store cola from Winn Dixie or Rouses and mix that in my Cuba Libres. I also go onto Coke and Pepsi’s sites so I know what other brands I should BOYCOTT. I simply refuse to give my goddamn money to any globalist multinational corporation that is trying to undermine my country and its values.


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