1. He’s just trying to shrug off his white privilege, like Obama, he’s over compensating to get in good with the “real” black brothers.
    You know the ones, the guys that would slit his throat and rob him if he ever showed his half white ass in the hood of the oppressed.

  2. He should tattoo the lower half of his face since his estrogen supplements won’t let his beard grow in.

    And I’ve never seen a nose wider than the chin; that’s one uuuugggly hombre.

  3. Anybody remember “SPY” magazine? I wonder if maybe BFH got his start there, he might be too young for that. They had a great hat, if I’d known they were going to go out of business I would have bought a few.

  4. Just try walking in Koperdick’s 400 pairs of shoes, then see how you feel. Or try maintaining his gated property for a week. That motherfucker had a hard life.

  5. GQ. Not all that long ago, it was a lifestyle magazine for straight males. Suits, stereos, cars, cigars, Scotch.
    Then it drifted ever more Metrosexual and the straight readers lost interest. Apparently it continued on to Totally Gay and now Insanely SJW.

    Slick monthly magazines are going the way of print newspapers. Interesting while they lasted.
    Once again the Left destroys everything it touches.

  6. just got off the phone w/ my son …. he said he cancelled his subscription last year when they were getting too Leftard

    … these asswipes no nothing of how Capitalism works

  7. Bless His Heart? I remember one of the redneck comedians on one of Jeff Foxworthy’s show saying that in the south, Bless His Heart is translated as ‘Boy is He Stupid’! I’m from the south and can verify it.

  8. I saw a headline that this idiot won’t be silenced.

    So what! I don’t listen to losers like him.

    Did you boycott all things NFL today? Keep it up and we will be rid of this bozo when the gravy train derails.

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