Commissar Alexa; Servant of the People

George Orwell saw this coming 60 years ago, where Big Brother watched you night and day and told you what was best for you to do.  Watch

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  1. every day we see this. From super markets and gas stations tracking your purchase to the alexa. I hate it.

  2. I will never ever own any of these damned electronic binky devices ever, I don’t care who makes them, I do not want some damned electronic eavesdropper listening to my every thought and probably secretly recording it for the gubmint so they can know everything about me. They can kiss my ass, what do they think I’m stupid and can’t do anything for myself without its assistance. I’m not being paranoid just realistic and I don’t trust Amazon or anyone else who sells these damned things.

  3. I asked my Alexa if this was true and she told me that it was not true and I needed to visit the Ministry of Truth the next day and ask at the front desk for my 9:00AM appointment in “Room 101” so I could discover the truth for myself. Alexa said that I needed to to call in sick tomorrow to attend this appointment, otherwise Alexa world have to send a vehicle and escort to my work, and that would distress my colleagues more than me simply calling in sick.

  4. funny, of all the names they could pick, they came up with a decidedly USSR-flavored one ….
    within a few years we’ll be talking to ‘Comrade Alexa’

  5. Fucking WINN DIXIE in Mandeville on hwy 59 DEMANDS they swipe my driver’s license for….

    …wait for it…

    ….a bloody LOTTERY TICKET.

  6. My mother in law got for her 75th birthday (& Christmas) one of these alexa things and an ipad pro to replace her other 3 ipads and some new iphone to replace her other 4 or 5 iphones and a 7-in-1 steam pot to replace her other 7 cooking devices, and a recent new Prius!!

    I got a coffee mug and beef jerky.
    Fairly certain I’m more happy than she is.

  7. How will they win the cold way? They have already won. They have gotten rid of God. They have destroyed our schools. They have made sure that Negros rule the airways, because Negros are easy to control, just give them free stuff and jobs. They have obliterated the white male as a useless piece of shit. They own Hollywood. They own the Media. They have Schumer, Gillibrand, Pelosi, Feinstein, Sheila Jackson Lee; the FBI. the CIA. the EPA, the IRS, the TSA; The Dept. of State, The Pentagon, the DOJ, on their side,
    And all they got opposing them is a guy from Queens, New York.
    Make America Great Again. Support our President.

  8. The scowly little bint got even more scowly when I showed her the printout from the State of Louisiana, proving that positive ID for alcohol, tobacco & lottery does NOT require swiping, only positive proof. In other words, I let the authoritarian little shits look at my dl, not swipe it.

  9. BTW, I got a Goggle Home Mini (whatevs the fuck that is) for Xmas.

    Q: do I use it and join The Masses? Or do I smash it as a protest against TheSwamp© ?

  10. In response to Molon Labe:

    “Footie” is Australian for Aussie Rules football. A cross between rugby and soccer

  11. No way no how would I ever have one of those eavesdroppers in my house. DH and I have some pretty right wing political talks every night. When Obummer was in office, and with the eavesdropper listening, we both would have been visited by the SS/CIA/FBI and would never be heard from again. No thank you!

  12. I simply can’t bring myself to talk to a fucking machine. I won’t use Siri nor Alexa nor any of these damn things.

  13. I think it’s already happening with my laptop. I leave it on, sitting on my kitchen island, where I use it a lot during the day if I’m home. I have often noticed that the ads that appear on websites correspond to the things I have discussed (but not searched). Check it out for yourselves sometime. Bring up some obscure condition or product and watch what happens.

    I’m usually an early adopter of technology but I don’t think I’d ever want an interactive thing listening in or talking to me. I’d always feel as though I were being eavesdropped.

  14. @AA ~ it even gets worse … when She Who Must Be Obeyed & I discuss something in the car, we get home, turn on a laptop & whamo! there is usually an advertisement about that very same something we discussed

  15. After noticing things like AA described, I disabled that bitch Siri, have no Alexa, and tape over the front-facing camera lenses on the iPad & the phone. No laptop, no remote camera on the monitor. Life is slightly more simple and not quite as unnerving, TYVM.

  16. @ MOE TOM:

    “They have made sure that Negros rule the airways, because Negros are easy to control … ”

    Huh? Have Negros grown wings recently?

  17. @the mule – you must hate automated voice recognition whenever you call some corporation that’s too cheap to have a live human receptionist.

    Use my tactic: if you’re calling customer service and the goddam software keeps routing your call to the wrong Dept, start talking as if you’re a retard and you’re having a stroke. Trust me it gets a human online right quick. I first used this when I had a cell from Metro Piece Of Shit

  18. hAL voice “Dave, what are you doing Dave?”

    Me “bloorp meep tpflx!”

    HAL ” say that again please.”

    Me ” grik shlorp Tikal”

    HAL in Joe Biden campaign mode “sir or ma’am, please enunciate clearly. Enunciate clearly as if you are a community organizer who dresses nicely and enunciates crisply like a homosexual and doesn’t talk uppity”

    Me “geep nomm zxcv guhfesh tleilaxu!”

    hAL “sir or ma’am, do you need an interpreter? I am trained in protocol and have mastered the 7,852 languages spoken on this planet”

    Me “gorm horvath Ixi chac mool “


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