Compare Melania Trump to Michelle Obama’s White House Christmas decor

Her theme is “Time-Honoured Traditions,” which the White House said pays respect to 200 years of holiday traditions at the executive mansion. — More at The Star.

No comparison. Melania wins, in my opinion.
Not because I believe Mich was an ungrateful, dour, inelegant, scowling [I’m trying hard not to write ‘Sasquatch’] FLOTUS, but because the 0bama decor didn’t evoke ‘Holiday Spirit’.  It looked uninviting, drab, cynical.  Which was probably due to Mich’s personality.

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  1. Honestly, Mooch’s stuff wasn’t horrible, but I am so happy to see the creche in our White House. Pretty sure we are going to hear idiots complaining it’s too WHITE. 😁

  2. The difference is in the spirit. Melanie is personally involved because she honors God in what she is doing, hence, it is reflection of her faith and love for Christ. (Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.)

    Michelle, on the other hand, most likely delegated the responsibility to her staff and minions, making the display more about coming see the Obama’s during the holidays.(Galatians 6:3 For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.)

  3. I can’t help it, every time I think about Mich, I think about their China visit.
    They were unceremoniously told to exit from the back of the plane.
    Can you imagine the horror entertained by the custodians of century old art, on display to the galumphing woman with the huge flipper feet?
    No wonder they felt enough relief to allow President Trump and his graceful wife the Forbidden City nickel tour.

  4. I never paid attention anything that woman did except that she took a LOT of very nice vacations while the rest of us schmucks had “staycations” and she dictated food and exercise programs for kids while she ate Wagyu beef (however you spell it), flew to NY city for “date nights” and flew favorite chefs to the WH to prepare custom meals for her and her family. I do remember seeing a picture once of a brown on brown on green “rustic” decor in their residence dining room that looked like hell.

  5. I went looking for this as soon as the White House posted the video of Melania’s decoration. One of the first results was a link to “Glamour” (

    their first paragraph:

    “Is there anything Michelle Obama isn’t good at? (No. No, there definitely is not.) The First Lady just outdid herself with this year’s White House holiday decorations. We’re not just talking a beautiful tree—which there are plenty—but there are also snowmen with headphones, life-size gingerbread men, and doggy decorations. Scroll through to see her winter wonderland.“
    I went to their site to see what they were saying about Melania’s:
    “Please Enjoy This Bizarre Video of Melania Trump Watching Ballerinas”

    They don’t even try to be fair! 😡

  6. Melania has a Great Creative mind to work with, and that’s her own Creative Mind. People usually have it or they don’t, same goes for having good Taste although it’s easier to Learn !

  7. Thanks for the link, Val, to the Glamour tours. The O’s had a canned and tacky feeling. Glamour reveals its true colors when their article couldn’t say anything nice about Melania. They are as mean and catty as high school tramps.

  8. @Abigail OMG I was just going to mention that fugly dining room that they remodeled in mid century modern shades of brown and ochre. It was drab and depressing.

    I hadn’t watched HGTV’s Christmas at the White House since the Obama’s took over. I’ll watch it this year ( if I hadn’t missed it already).

  9. Obama was very fond of the regal red and gold colors. Remember the red and gold hallway he dramatically walked to announce the death of bin laden? Obama’s White House seemed to emulate sadam huesin’s house.

  10. I think the former FLOTUS was trying to make it look elegant; it ended up looking austere, and not inviting. The new FLOTUS’ decorations are bright and inviting. Michelle’s looked like that spinster aunt who had plastic on her furniture and NO YOU CAN’T SIT DOWN!

  11. The only way to make sense of Glamour’s 2016 article praising Mich’s WH Christmas decorations is to assume they are comparing the 2016 decorations to the drabness of the previous 7 years WH Christmas decorations. Maybe they were much worse.

  12. Had to laugh when I saw Mooch’s backhand at Hillary. Her portrait is surrounded by snowmen, ie, other ice people….

  13. Illust8r — hahaha! Yes, that really “fugly” dining room. Do you remember the “carpet”? The whole mess looked like someone went to Goodwill on red tag day! Just one step above that other mid-century modern cliche — concrete blocks and boards for shelving.

  14. Illust*r — Geoff C. mentioned to me that it played on HGTV this past weekend. I don’t know the date/time. I missed it, too. I thought it was this week sometime. Maybe they’ll do a replay or it’s on demand.


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