Conducting Great James Levine In Trouble For Molestation


The man who conducted New York’s Metropolitan Opera for 40 years now has a police report stating that he molested an under-aged male for decades in Lake Forest, IL. Despite the statute of limitations running out nine years ago, investigators have turned their findings over to the State’s Attorney, who has yet to file any charges.

The accuser claims Levine “showered him with $50,000 in cash over the years” and nearly drove him to suicide.


20 Comments on Conducting Great James Levine In Trouble For Molestation

  1. Call me Maestro! Maestro Bates.

    Aside from the criminal activity and the emotional distress this creep inflicted, Al Franken in an Afro has furnished with jokes a plenty.

    Great Bernstein’s Baton!

  2. This is not a defense of Levine, but what the heck are the police doing investigating a crime committed so long in the past that the statute of limitations has run? Most enforcer groups are always going on about being overworked, understaffed, and underfunded. It’s hard to believe they don’t have a more productive use of their time unless they’re putting publicity ahead of going after prosecutable criminals.

  3. So we have two ‘tired of’s. You do realize that this criminal activity has been going on for decades. Is it the exposure of this sinister activity that tires you?

    The unraveling of criminality is what WINNING looks like. Ugly as fuck. But absolutely necessary to purge the swamp.

  4. Not defending the pervert but being sexually assaulted at 15, getting payments over the years and waiting until you’re in your mid ‘40’s’ to sound the alarm sounds like a desire for more payoffs than the intervention of justice.

  5. what’s better than ‘Four Roses On A Piano’?

    btw, how does one molest “an under-aged male for decades’? … I mean, wouldn’t he, sooner or later, ‘come of age’ … so to speak?

  6. When this broke my wife, who worked at the Met long ago, said “About time, he was NOTORIOUS. Everybody knew. It was disgusting.”

    Like Weinstein. Everybody knew.

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