Confirmed – Google Chrome Does Eavesdrop On Everything You Say

Chrome has audio listeners installed onto your computer, and everything you say is transmitted back to Google. And this is the DEFAULT arrangement. You do not have to turn something on in order to be eavesdropped on. If you have Chrome, everything you say near your computer is being listened to by Google.

Sound implausible? Sound illegal?


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  1. I was sure that was an Onion story. Scary.

    OT – R.I.P. James Horner, film composer.
    Single engine plane crash in CA this morning..

  2. Entering chrome://voicesearch does produce the pictured page. However, the extension path of:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\43.0.2357.130\resources\hotword

    does not exist. In fact, the two directories after the .130 don’t exist. I opened a command window and entered:

    dir /a /s

    which will show ALL files, directories, and sub-directories, hidden or not. Something smells fishy. And since I don’t have a microphone attached to my system, exactly how would the audio listeners even function? My computer does not have any audio input devices. Neat trick. But impossible.

  3. chrome://settings/
    Show advanced settings…
    under privacy
    you will see (Enable “Ok Google” to start a voice search) uncheck the box.

    Mine says ENABLED in chrome://voicesearch but not checked in settings.

    Found some files in .config of chrome that do relate to hotword..


    but the binary in /opt/google/google-chrome-beta/resources isn’t present, in fact the entire directory isn’t there.

    chrome does build a lot of things into the browser, one large one is flash. So if they can do that, hotword can probably be built in too and not actually occupy a file on the confuser.

  4. I have the cocksuckers blocked and refuse to use any of their products. U-tube is as far as I go with those 0bama-loving faggots.

    This doesn’t sound like something they could legally get away with. But as tight as they are with the 0bama administration, who knows anymore …

    I recommend Palemoon browser.

  5. Here’s how they get by with this-

    1) when you click ‘I agree’ they can do whatever
    2) oh, don’t worry, it’s just a ‘beta’
    3) trust us, we’re google, so we’re cool
    4) everyone else is doing it

    I think what the geeks are pissed about the most is they were screwing around with the repositories and stuff on linux.

  6. My malware program warns me not to go to the site hyperlinked saying that it may contain dangerous “payload”.

    Would like to know what someone with expertise in the field thinks.


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