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  1. sum tin wong I must now type in my name and email each time I post. Also no TU check mark. No 5 min edit time in case I FU. Or, BFH, Is I doin’ sometin’ wong?

  2. Tom,
    Just double click the boxes and your name and e-mail address will show up. Then click on em.

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  3. Sounds like a great idea. Hopefully the “thumbs up”
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    Good luck.

  4. All this crap about removing the Battle Flag and monuments gives me an idea for a post. Since the Dems started the KKK, fought civil rights, supported slavery,etc., how about a petition to remove any Democrat party symbols,because they should be considered offensive.

  5. Faith in humanity restored.

    The Bosticks and their dog train.
    The Bostick family has been rescuing stray dogs for years by taking them into their home, and sometimes even paying for their veterinary needs. A local admirer of the Bosticks created this GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for their efforts.


  6. Ok, I’ve had it .As much as I love this web-site, I’m sick of all the bugs. It’s unique in its level of issues and constant hassles of trying to navigate. Good luck trying to fix it. Just burn it, scatter the stones. and just rebuild the friggin thing…I tried, I really tried BFHG. Thanks for the good times. Adios

  7. Julio and EJ;
    The problem is adsupply and your popup blocker.
    Adsupply has a script that works around the popup blocker, that is the script that is causing the hangs.
    If everyone here forked over a few hundred buck each every year I bet BFH could be talked into dropping the ads.
    Somehow, though, I don’t see that happening.

  8. FOR TIM,”OH!WHAT A HOLE”I think the sense of justice of the United States will not bless the gunman, the United States or God bless only a contain accurate and precise moral consciousness and a solid straight not to destroy the gunman. Maybe the only protection love binge eating hamburgers gunmen,oh,mine,what a hole!

  9. Han by
    He night through
    (Yao Mi translation)
    Han Dongfang through will be the only proof, in front of only a harbinger of Chinese Classics king in which it reveals the esoteric oriental world of all human things, things start to finish Disclosure false master and serve the world’s syndrome reported. unbelievers well as in all the world. and the future of the unbelievers in the world living with long-way street in which you want to believe in things. Bong ancient days after, Mukden by the original text.
    Lunar calendar
    Volume Volume BU Italy
    The first chapter began Huang Li Kvangv
    This is the revelation by the Lord of the East for the disease, the pain, the demon, spirit ghosts, elves man, wizard Lord, false parent, serve false master, judge and fake owners Shimin, financial poor, Ming and Yang world, and in how strong can not shake the walls of the city, how demolished and burned, after this extremely nothing can shake them. With the East Main oath, the Lord will destroy them. Not All property and heirs of the Lord’s punishment, can not benefit them in the least, they Changxiao in the markets, which fuel the fire, who is a domain, Walker never in sync. fool will suffer painful punishment newspaper. Compassionate, the Merciful The primary name, the East holy name, he revealed to you the Book with the truth, to confirm all the previous day through; he had sent down fire gold <>, <> policy by (<>), <> and <>. Lord of heaven and earth is the most Merciful Lord. He revealed to you this classic, which has many fine clear text. feel righteous man, Compliance esoteric verses, explore Sutra. Only owners of learning proficient people know by the justice of what had happened. They said, we believe it has a clear and esoteric, have from our Lord sent down. Only sane people, will consciousness. Beware of false Lord revealed to the world through this. by scrambling prejudice truth revealed to those who will be subject to the penalty of Hell. Our Lord, ah, after you guide us, I beg you do not make our hearts depart from the right path, I beg you to see where your grace reward us, you really are Bosch’s. Alas more nonsense of each offense, when he heard someone else to read the signs of his Lord, then arrogant and stubborn, it does not seem to to hear it, so you should be turned around to go, lest the Lord you as unjust. When he knew my little signs, put it as a laughing stock, and others that are complex, but the Lord can be lifted. They Behind there is anger, they receive, to be the main prison care. Scotia Lord and believe God’s protection, for them, the Lord is their protection of God, the Lord is mighty helpful.
    1 to Nuri, Elizaphan, because Joseph.
    2 All praise Merciful Lord, oriental Lord. He did not only break disclosed, his grace everywhere.
    3 Most Gracious, Most Merciful Lord Lord settlement date. The Lord is a positive way to redress the grievances and idealists who were.
    4 All the earth are the property of Orient Orient main issue.
    5 We worship you, but that you help in.
    6 beg you to lead us the right way.
    7 persons to help in the way that you is not sent by road anger, nor those who go astray and evil way. You have to plead your care of the household, and begged her to hear. And festivals of the male.
    8 This is true through liquidation, can not be changed.
    9 Bong Oriental Chi master, holy God. All the earth will be attributed to the perfection of God. His standing in the East one day.
    10 For all this perfection born master made, but the removal of road tin, Robertson and their people.
    11 East kingdom of kings you do not imitate, they only fell on his people and to the polytheists category.
    12 you are not willing to fall in the penalty kings.
    13 better volume speech, who aspire to total eligible forgiveness.
    14 who aspire to total retreat therein.
    Chapter II fruit Syria 嘉烈 Xacli
    Bong East heavenly temple Merciful Lord, according to reality, where the oriental world, have extraordinary tribute to the master of all things, a non-idealistic.
    1 Schomburg soft, variable Cameroon, Zambia formothion.
    2 Ci main issue Daci had a dream that it would be down to the people of the land, and this fruit, you eat.
    3-way tin people, but also when to eat.
    4 Merciful Lord has confessed all.
    5 I was in before he pushed south hall, but did not get to see his face, and he will be to the Spirit, is to the United States. He hopes the charity has never been found in the world. However, it was slander scrambling Merciful Lord giving me a.
    6 residents was already on the ground.
    7 of them have road tin all the people.
    8 and replaced with the angels is a guide.
    Chapter Third World Syria bottom Xacli
    . 奉慈 main inter alia, there is no god; and he is immortal, is to maintain all of you in the womb, he freely bestowed upon you in shape he is omnipotent, but it is. Wise.
    1 angstrom half husband, made Hom, Kim Woo .Eabife, Ukan, Jok.
    2 is a three-terminal two world had issued. Floor covered with water, water vapor and mist had been together.
    3 this being a resident of Syria at the end of black body hair of people. They are Han ancestors.
    4 their three million people with one of 140,000 war, fled south after the defeat.
    5 After one hundred and one thousand one hundred and forty million people campaign, that one hundred and one thousand one hundred people have been blessed, fled north after the defeat.
    6 when the New World coin midway flood will flood the world, and there must be a new world and people Early faithfulness.
    7 They are students create their own faithfulness, so you can not pray and by interference.
    8 you will stretch out your right hand, lower your index finger.
    Chapter IV distinguish cattle Soli Suali
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 that debate from the two cows, the highest mountain to the bottom end of the valley, and the prayers of all the gods and in.
    2 General fool will say, why should they abandon their original toward the right? You say, East and West are the Lord, I have no right toward the righteous people. You do not know they’ve been hiding, but really is not righteous sheep have been exposed, and that from the public, because the Merciful Lord is omniscient, he never flatter leak, it is also the date of liquidation of the master from severe issue. He put him on the care of the lead right way. Whether you cut jujube, or allow it to remain, all the Lord allowed his permit felling, the former humiliation presumptuous people. by road from those who are not wicked trick. When you listen to circulation on the market the wisdom of the people that you want to preserve that deliberately avoid unnecessary road, they will be unjust. You should closeted justice and awe thing.
    3 Your eyes go to the Sacred Mosque, road tin Why not also lost. Closeted about sin, but the temptation of the devil. No matter where you go, have to put your face towards the Sacred Mosque. You no matter where, They are, turn your face towards it, so you have to count others buckle but except they are unjust, but you do not fear them, fear Me, so that I give and I give you grace.
    4 excuse not destroy the road tin this destroy records after you when that track, he makes you forget the top line of brave female demon who say to you:.. “Then you do what you want out of line.” He threatened not to force them to make this not something ready, so that they forget to let them act in nothingness, nothing, she will show a great evil to her consciousness not as oppressive as that soul to the beast weak, she does not repent thought it was the truth.
    5 For the Supreme Lord, the Hell of their premises. The main sweep her under pressure fell on the world body.
    6 settlement date all the people all the destruction, Qunxie and elves person, the penalty for them to set up. You have to alert them of the factions, they are back on the right path. And more after the fall shown by, the more they are unbridled evil, and they laughed at everything through, their food and belongings are graft person.
    7 Nobuyoshi’s sons was admired man, Ta Luoka text .Tlokwen [here kowtow]
    8 The Lord has been closed to the evil to the body and movement, they really are rejected, they stop recording by volume, they will be subject to significant penalties.
    9 Some people say that we have a day of reckoning owners believe the East. In fact, they never are believers.
    10 Lord and they want to deceive the believers, in fact, they are just self-deception, not consciousness.
    11 their hearts are sick, so the main increase their heart, they would receive a significant penalty for lying.
    12 Someone said to them, Do not mischief in the land, they say, we only mediate people. They bend to leave the main defense against that day.
    13. You want to pay attention to their chest, to see whether they are drawn, then perhaps you have to say.
    14. They indeed are of the Elves and humans.
    15 Really, they indeed are evildoers, but they do not consciousness, more intense penalty begins from here. Line very evil lust for the Union who is a secular residents of Hell.
    16 to come here, they will let the spiritual demons defense law, claiming that the ban Tao Temple.
    17 Daojian also that the sunset in the middle of them, who did not fall by the middle road, the main road will be affected by the consolidation.
    18 major remove fake soldiers, so you do not go against the master, the wizard 群邪 crowd sly dance in your head. Death in the Lord, life is in his coin there, how your heart, Lord will not give you Faith futile unpaid.
    19 enemy by some of the main road and turned back on, they obviously deceitful person.
    20 I have to see you again looking up the sky, so I want to send out prepared for you.
    21 by the channel’s look never submissive to evil look up. Day by persons who have been necessarily know it from their Lord. The truth, the master will not deviate from their behavior.
    Merciful Lord. 22 days after all, you have to admire. Therefore, he set all the law you want to listen.
    23 reward classic loved by my people know him. They have school who knowingly obscure the truth indeed, from the people, too, unrighteous nation without days after eligibility by, but not on who can get the Sacred Mosque blessings, they are subjected to torture such as frozen in general.
    24 Someone said, I am Chiang obliterate faith, I will not suffer like that as frozen torture.
    25 Therefore I said to him, Lord. If the birth of truth from being taboo, you will not be reduced to humble you believe the main issue is the strong, but also swift recovery, it is called the devil, earth tremors because it is the sky.
    26 For to the humble, the Lord will take that issue quickly.
    27 Those who believe in prosperity to the world through the propaganda and superficial indeed be perverse, the world is not only a man born, so you have to believe in the sincerity of the Lord and his truth necessary to guide you turn to the right path. Lord really love to the world is the greatest, Most Merciful.
    28 you do not have guessed they would make way, their own castle can guess the main defense, but actually the Lord’s punishment comes to them from where they could not imagine his command Jersey will cast terror into their hearts, they use their own hands and believers hand destroyed houses, felled jujube. visionary people, ah, you have to be vigilant! But some of those truths they indeed wonderful, because they are looking 顾主恩 persons. Some of them like a demon, like collar lock clamor. is not the main they believe, do not want to know the Lord. but with endless vanity, false love, riches, beautiful fake, fake love, fake victorious and energy to overcome the mind to weak and solemn themselves or their ancestors and that was rejected false parent. They only fight together in the consolidation of the city or camp. panic and intimidation, betrayal, ruthless and hypocritical truth ye indeed in their chest more than the Merciful Lord worthless. They have become the words change, destroy and sell flatter you, shameless use of dignity and moral siege you. Now they really worthless together with you, the Lord will enter them when you look after you, but he rejected them. They extort Merciful Lord of truth, and use of verbal clamor slanderest human bones. they consider necessary to punish you. They just like in the dead before their people, they have tried the consequences of their actions . Merciful Lord knows all their works. They intimidate people abetting the chest, causing people Deviation, causing corruption or loss, they are really the enemy, they are forever in hell like donkey Ming clamor. death and deceit together, they When one of the residents is also alive.
    29 people oppressed, there must be normalized from the Merciful Lord.
    30 on the road trip that does not know the direction, Tsz main guide them.
    31 ye sorrow not mind that I did not have to see the heritage, now you have to see, sad your heart is still tied to the cable you it?
    32 Stinker want to capture people’s road, indeed futile.
    33 written by those who have made it clear the main road in the east, to your ancestors who must now make no ability to write the classic name in the main.
    Chapter V Shiratori primary step Baub
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord, they were convinced that revealed to you the classic, and in classics you’ve sent down, and believe in future generations.
    1 Ma teeth, benevolence wet mat seek Kazakhstan .Mja, Rshi, Demoha.
    2 Before this through, do the world of wizards; unbelieving person signs, if necessary, subject to severe punishment the Lord is omnipotent, is punishing evil.
    3 people will be thinking, who I fear is that I want to betray people and was a wealthy man to accuse him, so that they could not handle the weight. I will freely to them as beasts.
    4 I say, they are really beasts. Rope wrapped around their necks must like dogs.
    5 Lord’s punishment is that people, they are punishing people. So you will not flattering tomorrow futility and irony in the street, and secular company, and it is the enemy. But also as an unknown reason, the Lord is strict punishment.
    6 There is a generation, the main road that they really do not know where to get them walking in public but sometimes hiding place, not easy to detect, but they have done is they come to the so-called truth, is another case People quickly taken away, this is the Lord promised to do. They are of the thieves, the head is held above the mark of rebellion, their generosity of all the people, you do not be confused by them, because the Lord is leading people, and They really can tolerate the stake. V buried in the chest of the world tin ordered return, and he will remove.
    7 Have you ever make a mistake, was not affected by the main Taoist Spirit descended acceptance was killed, you believe in the Lord.
    8 is no way you want to fall into, accept punishment.
    9 greedy desires and lust for power can destroy the world.
    10 temptation as a witch, their gas stream is rejected, their road will be abolished.
    11 They will fall as a result of their fire pit, like fire, like firewood, howling swirling in their heads.
    12 Karma is absolutely true, but the world does not know receive.
    13 houses falling dust you catch it, or you are being seen in loyalty. People in your home is really the enemy, the main fire provisional anti showing them they will break all evil, they really can endure the stake.
    14 Main reverted to the inverse yield, you are sweating horse labor; but you should pay attention to when you received the word of the Lord Merciful.
    15 you come into the flock, reverted to their bag, or money, the sheep can be administered on their own, but people have not received sell sheep’s heartfelt blessing.
    16 The Lord will punish those casually come casually swallow all the people with fire in the righteousness of the aisle, master for everything, is all-powerful.
    17 In that day, a sea service, Heiewa, major revival of the sheep to be slaughtered.
    Inverse yield 18 main reverted, where the main reverted to the messenger, the property owners, messenger, orphans, the poor, beggars and travelers weary of poverty and people. In order to avoid those against the production, circulation among you become something.
    19 Do not between poverty and wandering back meaning, because Merciful Lord is Wise, Most Merciful.
    20 illness or discomfort love and that Bing different shapes and pain as partners, it is indeed odd Qing, heal you, you want to worship.
    21 that unauthorized lone judge did not press the affair and cut off the main port of violence and impose penalties belong to hell black fly messenger spoil, they are the sons of the road tin.
    22 Spirits fold out people’s nails, you have to try to get rid of your neck tie nameless chain, mainly to break the man’s head.
    23 Tin lowered off the road dust, make the world suffer abandon, to meet people’s arrogance lynching. The Lord is with his irreconcilable.
    24 knife scabbard arrogance the words of the Lord will cut off their knowledge.
    25 dare to stop the Lord, they will come down over the fire burning them.
    26 people blocked the road, knowledge and success are not the primary, but the wicked and power or play right from wrong, such a person is a resident of the fire field. With the Lord is bound to be successful.
    27 once Valle, Bablik, among you, give you lower the road to truth, to induce you believe in the Lord, and you as rottenness of moss on the ground, right and wrong, twiddled despicable ritual to cheat people, your sins are great a.
    28 abetting people say that you have done this thing, get it done. And thinking that I am both guide collar crowd, where you will be served because you do sin, I will absorb your soul.
    29 in a row they did not realize it was a huge stone rope bundle press, was thrown into the land of sulfur.
    30 abetting obstruction and chest questioned questioned people, they make despicable sarcastic fun filthy people in human fat or bone, and their future generations will forever reside in the flames of the Truth because they hinder the Wise Lord. These are the main signs of this truth I described it to you for contempt Haram .31 banished people, it is the flames of fuel.
    32 rotary evil people must be caught their sins, were wrapped his speech.
    33 The Lord is a jealous, is broad.
    34 heaven and on earth, in the channel’s opinion that there are many signs.
    35 God created you, and spread all kinds of animals, the believer opinion, of which there are many signs.
    36 day and night alternation, the main lower supplies from the cloud, leaving the dead on the earth by its resurrection, and changing wind direction, in understand the people, of which there are many signs but this is defined, except by people who never benefit.
    37 big jump from high damage but also from people who are vain life.
    38 It is said that only our earthly life, we were dead, born students, only time will enable us to eliminate. They do that, ignorant, they specializes guess.
    39 Some of them read my obvious signs of the time, they just an excuse to say, you put it back our forefathers, if you are telling the truth.
    40 You say, dictates your life, then you die, and then you set the day of resurrection, but most men do not know.
    41 you will see the future of every nation are the knees, every nation must look at their own merits and demerits book called Today, you will not be subject to reward their behavior.
    42 as ye like your fathers, not by this trial is eligible for posterity.
    Chapter VI delay wave Han Boran
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    A Chinese company, nine people .Halian, Jium.
    2 in order to clear the classic vows.
    3 I Akitomo your seat, so I want to watch over you, so that your face blessed. Do not believe the words of the rotation, they are despised Lord, they are unknown reasonable.
    4 Norwegian law is not used to promote the main road because of delays and blessed it, so I say to you, if you obey the Lord, blessed. Will connect Azerbaijan .bliahg.
    5 You do not want to pray your honor, do not take their seats, the drop emperor blessing, you are partakers of.
    6 And thou shalt inappropriate material placed in unsuitable top.
    7 recite this can quickly get through materials, the Lord is faithful.
    8 days after whoever continues to receive delivery, acts of pure necessity that day by letter.
    9 Your translator can Akitomo you act, by telling him this.
    10 I will Akitomo, your mouth like iron balls, you heart, I do not to reach that level. I said, snake bites you, and attached to you, you really can endure punishment snake.
    11 The Lord will tell you recite this through to Akitomo have felt chapters, the Lord will not mistake the letters according to the Code by the road who gave it gladly.
    12 money people do not fit in secluded places, deceitful elves happy with that favorite handover.
    13 affected by the impairment of their spirit, the Lord is known.
    14 I said, you go on from here! My guide if you arrive, then, who kept my guide, who did not fear the future, but also worry about.
    15 disbelieve and deny Our signs, who are residents of the fire domain, they will abide therein.
    16 Believe I sent down, it can be confirmed that all your classic, you will not be first unbelievers, not to cheap sell my signs, you should only fear me.
    17 Do not knowingly pseudo spurious, conceal the truth.
    18 ye keep up prayer, and pay the Zakat, and bow with those who bow together.
    19 You are reading people, how to persuade people to do good, and forget themselves it? Do not you understand it?
    20 When you borrow perseverance and prayer and seek Youzhu. Sunday is indeed a difficult task, but respectful of the people is not difficult.
    21 You sure he must see the Lord, surely the Lord.
    22 people descended ah! I gave you when you bear in mind the grace and bearing in mind I have made you transcend the world.
    23 You have to believe in real and non-compliance with the new material with very special angel of the Lord in the name of Burma.
    24 places Bong East Merciful Lord Baker, Baker as the amount of special envoy of Myanmar pole, Archangel Li awarded, pull, Zulihe .Livon, Kra, Zunliam. This faithfulness classic, Bong Myanmar envoy pole Maqt name, no matter where, has guided stirs terror, the Lord will punish the former Lang .Kelang, people obeyed the Lord, shall be guided by him, and take his designated emissary Burma Road pole Maqt stories I want to inform you:… Burma is extremely Maqt East Le worship the Kaaba Lord, Merciful Lord Yi Cameroon Eblake messenger. His name will be remembered forever in the world, he is the master of the Imperial easy to Cameroon Eblake. Myanmar pole Maqt born Orient, Oriental ancients, his father was born down is that the country’s well-off textile, to his father’s generation palm riches fairly affluent home when his father died in Myanmar very Maqt33 age, the age of the mother polar Maqt27 died in Burma, his wife died after birth. home also There he was a child, when he later knocked carriage spinning line is also left his despair over the 16 years, he began to worship the sun, moon and stars, hoping to find a way with their answers to your questions, but soon discovered This approach allows him no harvest after straining muscles. day he dreamed Daci’s main shows presented to him three carriages, were sitting in the living above his mother, father, wife and children. Myanmar pole Maqt use the clutch live his loved ones, but it immediately became a beggar and paralysis to three in each side of the road 22 needy, Merciful Lord did for his speech. The next day he was introduced to his own bazaar, is the former saw three beggar . every intersection, there are three needy paralysis in there until after the first seven crossing, saw that the first 22. Myanmar pole Maqt out a majority of the financial resources of his home to these people, then since he knew the Lord. Obviously in the world are less than the property owner, the Lord is omnipotent, omniscient main make people embarrassed, make people comfortable, can make people rich. In his view, any person to the Lord is to quickly benefit. This can destroy the wicked by light.
    Chapter Seven primary smoke Kikebou
    Compassionate, the Merciful the name of the Lord
    1 FOUR WINDS there, face Secretary Mo, Anyou .Clayou, Mosmo, Uwen.
    2 in a blessed night, I already revealed to him that I was a warner.
    3 As a result of sin by the Chinese by revealing all of the relational world by its out.
    4 I have instructed you do not arbitrarily go you do not know where to go, where you can be filled at any time since unknown.
    5 in a moral way, I indicated to you, it is correct and conclusive.
    6 It took Yang scepter want timely evil, the evil of their rapid success.
    7 But I say, you would soon travel to the fire in the domain registration.
    8 That give rod really bad.
    9 at night I watch the Morningstar rapidly under hearts there sorrow.
    10 in the world when you can not have a newborn baby, because praise the Lord with everything.
    11 The Lord will not miss issued because of your changes.
    12 peaks when all the digestion, when there is no sin in this world.
    13 Otherwise, you are in doubt of, it is the game.
    14 Main is not care for sick people at heart.
    Chapter VIII of the true face Yake Xouce
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1, the outer day off, than they produce .Soude, Wereinc, Besxa.
    2 people have everywhere in the line of debauchery among them are dissolute head.
    3 dogs when Ming Bai Tianyi, the authenticity of the earth have good people.
    4 dry river where there is water, drip past the world’s difficult to know.
    5 Really, if it is not clear what people gave, all this should become dry river road. You have to trickle past deceit.
    6 flattering lead dew wicked people, the ability to set an example that wicked people.
    7 I tell you, the world should show Yusuf, before they are not tied to the trip, when you understand that he actually done anything in the world among.
    8 days by those who reveal, let me know.
    9 They said a group of people in this world to them. I said, in addition to outside, will not be up. To them, they are not human.
    10 You know, why the fear of the world face.
    11 The Lord has everything people do not understand the truth portrayed in the face, so they do not understand.
    12 hard iron had courage over three ghost, he is not afraid.
    13 master boot and necessary prosper.
    14 is a fear that tiptoe through the ancient times the land will be a swift destruction.
    15 loss that engage in rape, so they do not recognize these Classics.
    16 may make your eyes black, time to stop, you do not see him.
    17 death and destruction far away from people who read this through.
    18 I have taught you the world the truth, and now I’ve been taught.
    19 may know the Lord, I have seen his face is not a person.
    20 Lord is everywhere, against the main villain.
    21 Your Lord is the Lord, Do not people think it is strange what? That walk along the road, but do not know how awesome trip, but do not know care for him who it was. I had a revelation of them man, you want to warn people You want to believers the good news. They in their Lord there sublime taste. disbelievers say he is obviously warlocks. They walk in the world of industry heavy head.
    22 in the main intercession is really wicked. Those dummy channel will water evaporated, and some people had to say in boiling water to drink, and it was the Lord’s good water, which is awesome, dummy channel who they are subjected to torture. They No employer behavior induced, under the guise of seeking to steal in and alleys, do and do, really bad behavior.
    23 preaching Tao Feng’s speech you listen carefully, the general preaching the word you see who can not see, but you can learn to identify you to watch your home, their road is above feint main never use Road to the place you are replacing. deliberately avoid the main road, and they believe in what they called the primary, is really under the guise of seeking to steal in those but like faithful line track. Their point of view will be attributed to fall upon the world, and the world can not hide.
    24 Those who say, your Lord is the Lord, that he had created the world in six days, then rose to the throne, handling everything. None of those who intercede, not the first to get his allowed. It is the Lord, your Lord you should worship Him, how do you not consciousness? You only attributed to him, the Lord’s promise is true, and he has indeed created all things, and will be recycled, so that he impartially reward those who believe and do good. disbelievers who is abomination.
    25 You have been in the minds of people who actually have met the presence of the Lord in heaven be done on earth, why do you believe feint things? You and the main line together side by side, why should committing evil it?
    26 people are believe feint. But they are under the guise of the name of this property being taken away by the Bale. That calculation, a blessing analities rabbit’s foot?
    27 Lord on earth, but also heaven in the mountains, also in the city. He was spiritual, is heavenly. There will be a master in form, which is rich in the world, it is the scene It is permanent.
    28 The true face of the needy out.
    Chapter IX of the records 摩夫 Tibetan bone Zian
    The name of the merciful Lord the Merciful, the Compassionate.
    1 Main Nguyen, Miou Indian security, change product .Zhuuak, Miloelinan, Bijikp.
    2 stars terror, to tell those words, without pride who to blame.
    3 I have to let you go through this volume examine 摩夫, shown to reduce the standard to judge the truth and be introduced into darkness by the scriptures.
    4 and swear by the shortage of intense study, you can see it is extremely important. Therefore, I say to you, you want to brush in your residence and clean your walls and roof, as well as near to victory in place of the Most High despised them.
    5 All those being banished darkness of unbelievers together, you pass therethrough. Examine it under the guise of something no blessing not a curse to promote road immediately upon their stake, so no one look after them.
    6 capricious who pose an extremely despicable people without faith teachings.
    7 Dark by certain middle-aged ruin.
    8 Redemption came, everyone can Detuo sin, forgiveness of the Lord is the big sin.
    9 You see them, they do not use idols, but look like unbelievers, they say the mystery of God, endangering the Lord.
    10 dead spirit always come here when being winter, the unbelievers are always many as the sand, although they are not very young, but it is a rebellious teenager, their punishment really bad. Although you through with you that cheap trick to ward off the main bar, the residents of the road you steal this cheap tin, boulder will crush you.
    11 The Lord will heal you like water treatment.
    12 And they said, Lord summoned people to safe homes, and is seeking to guide their guide people onto the right path. Earth testify, they are liars. Lord for you, would not only guide the needy it?
    13 false floor master to recover property, property on the ground of the main issue. Attempt treacherous, property necessary rapid demise, the Lord’s vision is clear.
    14 out of that road, standing on the ground, also is seeking to find a permanent and property, Yuqing, luck together.
    15 He added that most of them just by conjecture, guess the truth is unhelpful, but it is all-knowing master their behavior. They become more needy wishing to nothing, but they do not know, Lord had them imposed anti added to them.
    16 Mofu this volume record that every nation have a messenger, messengers family when they came, they were impartially judgment, not innocent. This proved a liar. I say unto you, If the world really have this messenger, why it is continuously killing innocent? master would not like a person with everyone together when it? If this volume if correct, Mofu described in this God will not be satisfied willowy castaway.
    17 master’s teachings which is absolutely not polytheistic. They are holding the line in the world of the righteous or the good Lord watch over. Hypocrites believer, you do not take the laughingstock of the church deceived.
    18 There is a generation, false void messenger, messenger road tin. I said, you domain to fire it?
    19 from the line precepts row and moderation is the incarnation of the dragon. Sadly, this land has been covered with this sign.
    20 And the Lord said, you look at them on the road against their hypocrisy and Yourou Miaoshan pursue hypocrisy, they really can live insects punishment.
    Chapter farewell also Emin Xiomio
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 I. Kang, responsible Europe, mulberry lotus .Ikeom, Zecoum, Saseoum.
    2 This beginning would say people are being crushed, the sermon was also classic Emin’s.
    3 cut off your path, you say to yourself.
    4 Look upon bruised people, creating blood to fill up the void with the earth. Lord’s testimonies, a wave, bar .Yiliam, Za.
    5 solid ground, is for Virtue, for the Lord said, security expansion, Indian .Ark, Yan.
    6 Damage to the penalty tonight, for the Lord said.
    7 you see the sun rise, the wicked end came.
    8 Lord their voices corrupt, showing injustice. Their voice say only repugnant voice, and to say that different people blame corruption and disaster variation image, they are stealing. Disaster also will soon come them.
    9 mouth spread a net for themselves, they are thrown into the fire pit.
    Chapter XI of the country to the East Suoxi Zonxi
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 An Chi Yi, Lu spa .Uxi, Liao.
    2 steal of a very evil work. Eyes, after the destruction of classic despise you. Destroyed in them, in the streets and fill them.
    3 evil bitch who walk not pay.
    4 they said.
    5 And they were malicious forgot who they were. I watched them, to see them back and forth, there is no orientation. I said, this nation is extremely Defeat, they keep company with the devil in hell Lord.
    6 And I, behold, also advanced than the earth stands tall tower in the sky, apparently, evil opened a mouth to let me see.
    7 night also saw the prototype of lightning lit after the square tower of the building, I will not look after by this sign, where the people have hated me.
    8 I say, Lord have built majestic than this thing, you see that?
    9 If you saw it, I’ll give you prove that you are UNISITI righteous, because you say, that thing a few years later on the ground is not.
    10 I tell you, there is land on the east of the kingdom, you say, master there. Well, he was there.
    11 unrighteous people always love to close a thing of naught.
    12 your home country is more beautiful, be done on earth is always difficult than that.
    13 I told my Lord, saying, Lord, ah, I can not increase my change of age, my bones apparently hard. And is among the unrighteous hard, and this is how cruel the road.
    14 You have to show everything sky heaven to me, because it can destroy the wicked their ways.
    15 wonderful debut lighting, genial loved ones become a permanent sturdiness.
    16 Have you ever forgotten master said to give your wife yet?
    17 by Tao lowered beautiful music, because the joy of the Lord, it lowered.
    18 I said, by the channel’s Sacred Mosque does not exist on the ground. This is by letter, the Sacred Mosque is in heaven.
    Chapter XII board effective and Ha Huang Fu Diri, Wahvo
    Name of the Lord greet.
    1 Li something special, Nong’an, south group .Tyish, Noang, Nonebuig.
    2 see the main drop every classic shows, the Lord is Wise, Most Merciful. You see the East is the Lord’s, the West is the Lord’s. North filled with inferior enemy. South multiline deceit.
    3 I, as when they say that you are plagiarism. I do not, as when they say that you are lazy and incompetent. The Lord will their sins. If you’ve ever seen where in between heaven and earth, are a tribute the main extraordinary things.
    Only four countries belong to him and that is the right road. All, just go to him with praise by those who enjoy the road, he for all things.
    5 That phase bully people against God, the Lord is All-Knowing what you conceal and what you show, the Lord is full of intimate things.
    6 discontent that this power through, for the Lord here recorded discredit their mark. They want long-term corrupt master, so residents of fire domains to compete with them, they are rebellious, is severe punishment.
    7 that died to see employers. Therefore Lord will revive them, believe in the Hereafter. The Lord will permanently drop method to those to benefit by road.
    Chapter XIII gold cross dense mo Mio
    Bong please name of the Lord.
    1 Liewen En autumn seek, published son Li .Riawen, Qoumi, Xzi.
    2 Have you ever care for a large number of cross breeds, but you do not know where the definition.
    3, when really proper, look upon my Lord, it is blessed.
    4 You have to look after the Prophet Zhixin sincere step Democritus, though he was crucified on the cross Thani family, but the Merciful Lord told me that step Democritus spirit is everlasting.
    5 so you look after this faithfulness, and abandon selling his people. He as fire melting gold like look after people, who went to him, and is arranged, he was the world, the East prophets, full of grace .
    6 He is my master prophet.
    7 Therefore Beware of false prophets, do not peer with them.
    8 Though you consume riches, still good.
    9 He is angry, is attack.
    10 because he had to break the clan of the beast idol, you have to break the beast with his idol.
    11 When you wear a cross on his chest, this is indeed a sign.
    12 This is indeed not of the Lord, and it makes clear the truth, lest ye suffer behavioral transgressions lot of punishment.
    Chapter XIII metal Ke Yi Li Yan big off Cicabiu, Dimie, Kisq
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 Bu Fu force dry, Eanwali Egypt south end .Fyyulic, Anarswq, Ecienon.
    2 days after I had that person tells me that everything is God’s praise, he’s able to relate airflow off the net and that which is unjust, I says, this is a tribute to the.
    3 and for the creation of those who argue that in addition to an abomination, is beyond the power of the Lord of all things and the maintenance of all things, he would not look up or destroyed by man but justice. This is the main acts.
    4 people stumble Spirits also loses already in mighty Lord opinion, they are forever renounced.
    5 is painful to you and the line of people. They are the most unjust. See fire coming upon them.
    6 more lazy and incompetent people fall, but the word of truth thou be able to reject out of it?
    7 enemy family hunting you, so that you look for a more unjust, it is not the Lord’s doing, you have to discuss all the wicked plan to get rid of their own country with that spirit and those in power in heaven and earth.
    And they said, Lord, in which it, I do not believe in the Lord, Behold, the sudden disaster destroyed them.
    9 counselors ah, gather up 10 The Lord will recover the right to the north, so revered in heaven to the earth, and that but righteousness.
    Chapter XIV Zu Zu Li Zu Zui transfer
    Bong please name of the Lord.
    1 specific division, ten thousand a trace, cloud .Cacjys, Wtihr, Yin.
    2 The Lord is an awesome Moreover, only the Lord is a tribute to the land.
    3 In the Lord I will have fake road, they preach Yourou endless fight, they really hypocritical.
    4 of the Lord forever aliquots and judge, because of them, we lose the most valuable, but we are good. They are false master.
    5 Do not you grieve, you do not understand how can we look after the Lord, the Lord is true wisdom.
    6 we would not have to re-start every day and it seems we are in the main based on the main schematically and okay?
    Chapter XV vain empty Sepi Sibi
    Bong please name of the Lord.
    1 on, A couch, the three wrapped wire .Jui, Ata, Gaugus.
    2 one hundred and one thousand one hundred people are our ancestors, from that day retreat, we are guided by the Lord read that this is the Lord blessed by the descendants of the people.
    3 Carefully ah, you prepare for the descendants of those forty thousand, among them a road tin people, they only look after the treacherous corrupt you.
    4 and attack you when you no preparedness. The Lord is seen.
    5 dissolute man penalty is severe.
    6 Look, ah, our poverty will soon be over, the Lord is to energy. This is a classic in the Lord forever in sync. What is the pattern of the world, this scripture forever in sync.
    Chapter XVI Wo Su Ling afternoon Zuiwu
    Lord of mercy.
    1 Fargo Service, tone, no .Facwu, iu, men.
    2 I have told by the Lord look after people who are collecting grain spirit people.
    3 For everything this world, if not the spirit of bluegrass guidelines, people will steal from each other because of hunger mouth, so look for the wickedness of the main crowd.
    4 that behavior really bad, but if they know the earth is the Lord’s prophet behavior, they are more than the Lord because the Lord’s guidance and learn everything.
    5 and do not steal your mouth and others, Zoe teach you a prophet, he will know things before and after.
    6 When Garza ascertain all unbelievers, he said, who dominated and assist me? Disciples, we dominated and assist you, we have been convinced that Lord, who testified allegiance we are.
    7 They plot, the main trick is also used, the main strategy is the most good use of.
    8 Lord’s people of faith must be successful.
    9 Then you will read that because this is their break through, because they plan to repay evil strong, this trick really bad, you should know that the Lord spake this thing is to be able to, and is beyond all things.
    10 They rob people Duane’s mouth, their religion will not be accepted, this retribution and others, is suffering from the curse of the Lord’s rejection and common gods and humans. They will abide forever fire domain, not Mongolian commutation, also Mongolia is not suspended. Yes, they are evil and strengthen the country reported.
    Chapter XVII Day of Judgment wash Civia
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 Bin Anka, before Mainz, night Lynn .Bicaac, Ciac, Iien.
    2 This chapter is the world, in order to infer that work and prayer.
    3 people love to tell jokes, and regardless of what they are for righteousness.
    4 Your friend is less when you use words to follow, but ye can not know my friends are out of what you intended it?
    5 If you have no friends or loved ones that you are not the most common, when you look back to your home, because it is out of your faithful friend, you make love with them.
    6 that day inside and no friends, Qinjuan, mentors and prophets. The reason why you receive the truth of the Day of Judgment inside, out of the Lord’s. If there is no master, you must have no friends.
    7 So I say to you, if the world look beneficial care with their accomplices, but not cognitive by road, they are bound by the world as unjust.
    8 Eastern did you make, but if you are not road, and they will be to the east of their position, you do not find.
    9 After reading by this, but can know the direction, even if you are in no direction toward homes.
    10 You certainly want to know the things of this world, they toil in their property, not to you as they cherished.
    The main guiding read 11 the Day of Judgment by this by the people, and make their forehead justice chapter.
    12 days until the day of retribution, but you have over them. And they have to pass together with you, and that, to follow the Lord, that we, together with the net you want to sign with us forever.
    13 At this time, you do not look after them, Lord, but rejected them because they would have departed from you.
    14 you see the sky, which the Lord hath ordained Dziga once the main road you clean and schematically, road tin and that all the people have the primary campaign, they really can stand the stake.
    15 This is the beginning of the Day of Judgment. Enlightenment and to benefit from the Prophet is born beginning.
    Pirates 16 .16 libel law is the beginning of death is the least shameless.
    Chapter XVIII day round secret Ride Day
    The name of the Lord of the Merciful, the Compassionate.
    Even the amount of Section 1, sub Aspen, the amount of Portsmouth AMP .Oioq, Sias, Ebczioap.
    2 Always on the road with your Daoxing righteous, if not judge, this word is not defined.
    3 on the ground and some things you do not know, but you really are not in the main here in them, you are righteous. And they must be made because of you hide things.
    4 thieves also like to watch the way the employer, they think they can get the unknown and useful from the Lord, they are theft, it is also unjust because of his wasted money.
    5 sun nobody not from the Lord’s truth and to do good or evil, and turn aside the way of that stirring song feasible, that is a shortcut to the path of righteousness, the people can make their benefit, they think that everything is known the world or this world is out of their existing road. I said, even though you think you make it all possible road, it is just the evil of the compliance or the so-called real world the truth. You can test, but do not know it Road and fire domains coexist, I am afraid to comply with fire Enlightened domain. The Lord is bestowed with beneficial things you believe viable path.
    6 The Lord is the giver without departing from the road, they can not be good enough.
    7 They are to humble. They will seek to rely on me, I do not agree.
    Chapter XIX of the world Germany Sxiad
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 day because of too, Megiddo armor was pro ancestral Park .Yadrd, Minggde, Qizop.
    2 You rely music world, and the world by the music you.
    3 good financial is not easy, the line people are the main wealth look, even rebellion row wealth of strong, rebellious money was squeezed, receive punishment.
    4 people love this classic rebellious, the Lord has never in this classic.
    5 receive recite this scripture make Giver of the Lord, make theft are unjust master. Unrighteous quickly revealed in front of the world.
    6 friends you want it? Friends can grow wings, the main road so that they departed friend. Lord is your friend.
    7 Your wife is your look, even she was departing from you. Believe in the Lord, the Lord give pure woman to serve righteousness.
    8 Witch way is the way of the Lord in conflict. Therefore, you do not look after them. Believe and do good for people, when they are living on land below which rivers flow, after the Lord shall walk in there.
    9 does not want to meet with me, willing forever in this world’s life and Enron received it, they will seek their own camp and to fire the domain as a destination, they rejected the truth.
    10 Beware you into your chest camp plan, and others say that unprovoked and unjustified rebellion despicable evil, they ambush in front of road, that they might handle random presumptuous, they steal the Lord in vain, they are really afraid of death. They belong impermanent, they are the most vicious. They want to haunt you really are not. Therefore, when you Qianxin alive trusting the Lord, the Lord has prepared a road brought you out of the fan domain. They are in the greatest hell. They country living off the net to them, they will become entangled riches stable underlying their path.
    11 people, saying, Lord ye really had it at creation? That was fables rebellious inferior, the Lord was not there. If anything of the Lord, that earlier received the enlightened person and why hide and sneak it in front of the world , so this thing is Xumiao. I said to them, the Lord at that time, this time with the time and had not yet reached the prepared. creator when he told you he wanted to hide in the four years before the flood, so he makes you forget the road, because he has seen in a long time you walk in unrighteousness. He revealed to you in the highest air, is that you do not partake of the Lord, but those who believe in what you think in advance before people believe that it has been in the channel’s who made a mark, for all you people of the world, the Lord is hidden, it is supreme.
    12 Beware you more down the road as shown tin and inspiration, it is important, in the main, as these acts do not.
    13 Look, ah, angel of the Lord who has come, they break the nether authority, pulling all the officers on the ground to get the winning definitions Pluto, the Lord’s authority, which makes the people who must accomplish much given authority until long tenure Their opinion does not cut off the main road.
    14 people’s money and was not for the Lord, forsake the law but it is a serious crime.
    15 people want to drive you into the uninhabited and desolate land, they sent the angel of the Lord of Hell.
    16 Main liquidation is clear, swift in.
    Chapter plague Zulie ZIuli
    Fengci name of the Lord.
    1 million Jisi, open to Edwards, which can Lee Farm .Bigis, Kigis, Kikwim.
    2 This world is really bad, butcher killed.
    3 Witch plagiarism effort given the good and evil, this abomination troubled world, the Lord is wise, Most Merciful.
    4 large columns revelation destroy the significance of this classic you want to inquire, the plague of arms is also close by Tao pure speech.
    5 This is a big disaster, is long.
    6 Main notices if I have bipolar world changes, you have to change the behavior of road, cited cases of justice shown by the Chinese.
    7 It is to inquire after, and to consider, because the roof of the world has been corrupted, he predicts disaster has been approaching, I defined by this revelation you are and make recite in disaster day bear rivers and flowing water Resurrection earth, air water sky and you will no longer give birth, you have to struggle with the pain in the dry world. This world is full of dirty gas stream and destruction of the precursor. bigeye clear the Calamity, you have coming to an end. families .Dikr.
    Chapter XXI different evil elephant
    1 For the Lord mighty revelation.
    2 You have seen many different strange scene, master in these things is no act. Therefore, you do not look after them.
    3 visions origins in the deep resentment, so Lord revealed to us the only way.
    4 Do you believe this classic can remove, it can be cut in addition. By your Lord is indeed the word lines, the main town of the knife down to you, you can use and his kindness and wisdom.
    Chapter XXII flame Lai Haibo Lavbou
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 The first track, stickers mousse, Ann Huang .Dij, Timus, Ha.
    2 Let flame father injured his hands, he must be injured.
    3 his property and he gained, there will be no benefit to him.
    4 he will enter a flaming fire.
    5 Tam Chai his wife, will also be the fire, her neck tied with a rope hard.
    6 You have to be careful your family stripping your property, it is the perfection of the Lord, Most Merciful.
    7 They say what we are not afraid, we are able to resist everything, they are the devil, so they do permanent residents in hell. They get along with people, with the swallow, they worship the demon before volts.
    8 They seek metamorphosis obscene, grab people’s mouth, they give people too, they are more poisonous than snakes.
    9 by the idea of the Lord, but can not see the road.
    XXIII prisoner Bobby Cvabo
    One prisoner said, and walked, and walked, I was not missing anything.
    2 The Lord said to ah, to ah, one more.
    3 Lord is hell Huozhu.
    XXIV hell Medina Maidina
    1 illustrates the truth of the main drop, hell in the world of underground, but we can not see, volcanic rock focus is the entrance to hell, the people on the ground in a fire pit in the line only.
    2 dead after they thought nothing of the soul and with it perished. They are really cowards, contrary to the main road of rebellion people. They praise over the world the truth but deliberately forsake the truth, their unknown affair so they can see as being lie, so worldly fire pit is made of their shop, then they shall fall therein.
    And they abandoned the supernatural, they really can volts harm. They belong to the body is evil, they thought they were high, and is large. They seize those heavenly stream of gas, you let them hide it! They must be sleeping Insomnia’s.
    4 is a jealous master. They do not understand the main road of retribution, so they do not understand the main anger.
    5 burning sulfur only approaching them, no one can resist the main anger, treachery can not save them.
    6 I have made clear, they say, the road from Tin Road, turn to the main road.
    7 And they said, We defy you, you are our loved ones, we are the true people road tin.
    8 And the Lord said, but you are the people really hell.
    9 When they look down on you, so you swallow their food, such as air.
    10 They fell on the people there, the devil disaster fell on them later. They will not because you have something, let them ambush it. They just loved the property, they could not take anything.
    11 They go the same way with animals, so they are resident road tin, to look after the main, main has already rejected them.
    12 they ambush in front of you, take you down to them the same as you’ve seen in earlier to drop below them, they have to take your word, they must be a way that sly devil of tin.
    They watch over 13 crowd is forever being rejected, and the angels were with the common curse of mankind.
    14 They do not give you local standing position, it is also certainly not standing in their position in place did not. They really can endure the curse of poverty penalty.
    XXV large guide Somin Zomig
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 Vic to Branch, Dike .Wiq, Yiq, Diq.
    2 has revealed truth, so that can be shown in the later glory of the Lord, this channel is not disturbed by any resist and is really free.
    3 Do not say, I was unknown reason, I was sad that hate may be violated and abandoned.
    4, or that I am the Lord of the occult, I was no truth to boot. I have to surrender to the way the tin, so I’ve been deceived .3 Lord God is not deceived by people, he is the revelation of man’s only way tin can hoodwink people, he is the ultimate evil.
    5 You read by the Lord, will not turn road tin, the Lord led road is really, forever and unique.
    Et al 6 that uncertain road changes, but make good use of resourcefulness can understand the Lord.
    7 This is how much the world, road tin can volts people, you do not surrender him that day comes, you arrange main in his path, eternal. The road will also serve tin under your right. You are looking at Gu road tin will not look after. This is indeed Lord revealed to you the truth.
    8 so that no one can corrupt by Tao, if you praise, but also get the praise. If you find that road who can get the people. The road tin tribute not subject to Tao, if the praise, will give birth in their mouth fire come.
    9 This is how much the world by road who have much power. He was to end clean, charity, wisdom.
    10, who thinks that wisdom, mocked by the road who, with the words of those who ridicule by road for them, in the main view, their way is about death.
    11 you are in their way in search of the investigation, they are shown in the main drop, when deliberately resist, we have never been revealed to the Lord, for us, this is not what we spoke of.
    12 This is their disregard for the Lord, but also a sign of the end they were rejected, they might as well not exist.
    13 so that they can not read Chinese classics, they fear it through, they really humble.
    14 And they said, Lord closed your heart. I said, Lord, not closed heart, you seek the glitz closed your heart.
    15 people are pursuing vanity, most of them the heart has been closed.
    Twenty-six chapters disaster Hu Tichu
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 Man can Luo, A of the pump, bottles left .Mklo, Aklp, Zuyp.
    2 This chapter is commendable, he declared all by Eastern Air interference should last, and they can not come back.
    3 Look ah, the ultimate evil of the sky. They thought it was the enemy of hypocrisy as they really can endure enemy attack.
    4 main standing the mark. This is a big sign respectable.
    Hell outlet 5 has been closed, they want to escape already painted on the sign. They are escape to go.
    Outlet 6 hell open to them clear merits book, they really see their tricks and have been born of that lowly world, that is their hell corridor.
    7 They flow of gas to and fro, you see, they must be escape to go. Because hell with them messengers with their guide and birth and can never be destroyed, they really terrible.
    8 dead can not look after it by, it was able to judge after the death of the road. It’s been a secret.
    9 withstand natural is the way tin, he who will give birth to eternal life in prison in the east of the fire. They’re afraid that channel’s action, for fear of their sin be revealed. They think they are natural, are public.
    10 I tell you, they are dead, it is extinction.
    11 ye miserably residents ah, you shameless advocate when your theory, in the generations of ancestors you already have, you will not draw ye shall have been dating, but ye oppress people, you will soon die.
    Why 12 judge and courtroom into wolves out?
    13 Robertson is no road, the Lord will punish him and his people forever and they line the road.
    14 volts in your chest, and the Lord will utterly destroy.
    15 you to and fro to seek thy people, they had into the nether, they tend to track the demise of their transit as a positive force and a chain lasso, their deaths are succeeding.
    16 to and fro of them that seek you, they are already into the nether world, you put them thrown into Hell, they make you forget their road.
    Chapter 27 sons and Voi
    1 master’s son, cure her husband, only saints of heaven and earth.
    2 Jesus.
    3 You have to Qianxin worship him as a son, and he is no longer dedicated to those who may be the ultimate. He was gracious with the East, Lord’s care. And comfort those who are lenient.
    4 You said, Where is he?
    5 The Lord said, he in you.
    Twenty-eight chapters donate gift Burro Buo
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 fight against the tile, John Watts, Fiji son .Pniwa, Zuniwa, Fice.
    2 your Lord, Most Gracious, Most Merciful God, the Creator and Giver fellow who promise you keep, it’s only one main road with no match.
    3 you make a move with broad breadth of the industry, you should look after as to donate, you can for the industry.
    4 but to get rid of the sharp harsh and create high and extremely bad karma ,, they are born in vain, they can not make the count, they are the Fire Lord’s people.
    5 If you know what the devil is the devil and the Lord will net to make His Word, because the Lord is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful wicked offender’s path as well.
    6 deal with crime on the road, the main deal with them, the main strategy is the most good use, there is no way they die, they will quickly volts in the power penalty.
    7 no virtuous person bluster, they closed their mouth noble thought, their mouth really can emit fire.
    8 you do not care for the world’s roads, it is the world’s main erase evil ways, the Lord is severe punishment.
    9 on the ground really evil, they really can eliminate their way.
    Article IX neighbor Dong Man should have Dimiljen
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 Kui, off the sound .Kue, Loiui.
    2 Woe Oriental people.
    3 Do you really develop as a young lion that? Oh, do not do their own deception handle, because the Lord is the All-Knowing of all things.
    4 Under the authority of the East, and no can resist the Lord, if you say, we really do oriental Lord, we is Lord of all.
    5 You prepare for it, even stronger than you and you suddenly land deal, this is the Lord’s doing your test. You really do not dominate here. And the Lord said, if what has made this country, and my people did you have to taste himself as taste.
    6 Lord the Giver of the road is the real complete.
    7 wait for you before the Lord deception volts when the ground is full of sly magic mark when the end would come to you, you are self-created its fruit.
    8 East Main eliminated, witch.
    9 lust who is a resident of Hell.
    CHAPTER Apocrypha off Zki
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 Akira Joseph to Anya, mud grace .Hasi, Iayas, Nin.
    2 careful, sly magic elves drop in the Apocrypha sign on, so you are discerning.
    3 Our Lord was clear, say, you have to be free, you eliminate the Apocrypha it, because it is the destruction of the main road. I give you truth Bing knowledge increaseth wisdom ability, they lament, they really hypocritical.
    4 so you have to set your people or believers in a year, they are really your ally.
    5 betrayed woman is the main road of the enemy.
    6 days after revealing the truth so justice on the Chinese Classics are guided by the justice.
    7 people stress you from reading Chinese classics, so who care for Chinese people will by no shaking.
    8 volts extort sly penalties to reproach their way is extremely despicable.
    XXXI people trading in the solid pen Guopi
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 thanks to the West, Nepal Liemin, I’m against .Baicy, Njienm, Linm.
    2 to slander someone in a positive way to take your word, that, who is sly magic.
    3 business people have loyalty, they are Han shield.
    4 among all teach there is always Han shield.
    Chapter 32 feast from BU Zcong
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1st Liang, Huang Pu .Rliangb, Harb.
    People 2 channel ah! Ye fulfill various covenant. Nor will you read in addition to those outside, but ordained during, or in forbidden territory, do not hunt birds and animals. Lord surely he is seeking a judgment decision.
    3 channel of people ah! Do not profane the Lord’s sacred month, do not infringe on livestock, not to destroy those animals collar, do not hurt the Sacred Mosque Hajj in order to master the grace and joy of the people. When you start drinking again, they can hunt. Some people have to stop you enter the Sacred Mosque, and you should never be too much to hate them and ye awe when for justice and solidarity, and solidarity is not evil and brutal. But fear the Lord, because the Lord’s punishment is indeed severe.
    4 Main if you kill animals, you certainly want to take on this major sin, the Lord is knowing and all-powerful.
    5 They say love of feasting, will be to poor. Therefore I say to you, you have to understand your ways, the devil appears above the pleasures, but you must resist the devil’s instigation, it is indeed possible to corrupt the devil signs. Mean indeed have perseverance and a sharp cut edge magic, and you can crush earthly demons.
    6 Where you encountered disaster, are due to sin made you; he forgive you your many sins.
    7 You can not escape the curse of heaven on earth, except outside the home, you have no protector and helper.
    8 culpable, is bullying others, contempt for others, and outrageous at the local person; these people will suffer the punishment of eternal fire.
    Chapter 33 Local Lai Liaq
    The name of the Lord of the Merciful, the Compassionate.
    1 I vow to this place.
    2 I am here, I am in my name vows.
    3 people I just do I have to do the work orders.
    4 I put on the light and blessing among the people, it really is my work.
    5 And they said, I vow to this place, you will be there, without restrictions there. I am a father to his sons and vows, I was to put people to create in Oliver, he thought that no one can make him cut it ? He said, I spent a lot of property! he thought no one has seen him? Did not I create for him two eyes, a tongue and two lips, and instructed him to two significant road it?
    6 they are really robbers and destroy the world, and they want to see your scandal, scandal so they command you, they want to steal all the good orders in the world are men, and they fled.
    7 You let them flee! They want to be cremated to smoke.
    Chapter 34 US wife leaves Yiuq
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 Do you think that she is your wife, but she turned to strong evil and treacherous.
    2 She betrayed you sign imposed. Therefore the Lord watch over you, she will try her behavior and the punishment of Hell.
    Chapter 35 botched peacekeeping Kivq
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 When the sun when dark dismiss.
    2 stars scattered when the time.
    3 When mountains crumble time.
    4 When the camel was abandoned when.
    5 When the beast mad time.
    6 time when surging ocean.
    7 When the soul is fit.
    8 When people asked you when.
    9 When the girl was buried alive when asked.
    10 why she killed for the sins it?
    11 When the park when the losers.
    12 When Hell is ignited when.
    13 he will be subject to all the world as humanity’s curse, and he fell on his past sins and future generations, present and future of the punishment, he can never erase.
    14 seats will be filled with the fire of his future.
    15 of his ancestors and loved ones will be subject to change merits book, three million of good will against this evil. Failure to arrive, they are together with him in.
    Chapter 36 rehabilitation black ear Wiue
    Merciful, the Compassionate the name of the Lord.
    1 Maktoum, all for the benefit of, seek song .Mok, Qaiylic, Mytch.
    2 rows under the trees if you look after y

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