Contest – Perception VS Reality

In honor of Sir Big Fur Hat’s birthday, and his attempt at obscuring his age (39 my arse), how about everyone subtract the age you feel from your actual age.  At the end of the day I will calculate the average.  Whoever has a “futility” score closest to the average wins ten thousand iOTWreport bucks.

Here is an example:

Sherwood feels 35, but is actually 54.  His futility score is 19.


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  1. Here’s one for you, Jethro: When I turned 35 I started to add 7 years to my age. That way I impress the daylights out of people who ask how old I am and I won’t need any nip/tucks. It’s a lot of fun!

    How old do I feel? Oh, about 7 years younger than I am.

  2. If I subtract the age I feel physically from my actual age, I get around 25 or thereabouts. Maybe 30.

    If I subtract the age I feel mentally from my current age, I get a much higher number.


  3. Seeing as I prefer music, fashion, and culture from my grandparent’s era (WWII generation), I guess my number would be negative.

    So, my number would be somewhere around -50, or so.

  4. I’m a high mileage 59. I look good on the outside, but feel 80 inside. Using the latest common core math table in calculating my age, apparently I died in 2008.

  5. 41 61 minus 30 (the age I feel). 30 is the apparent age of souls in heaven. The Blessed Mother had given that age to answer that question by one of the children at Fatima.

  6. All this year I thought I was 47. Then someone was saying something to me about 1969 being 48 years ago and I thought … Oh son of a motherfucker! I’m 48???
    Anyway, I’m 48. I look maybe 34 ish when my hair is colored. lol. And I desperately need to dye my hair…. So taking that into account and my recent on-going diabetes shitstorm and the pains in my lower back I’m going through right now, my swollen nasal passages leaving me with not much air but a cute whistling noise when I breathe… I feel about 75. So, by my calculations I…
    What was the question?

  7. Depending on the hotness (and cleanliness, let’s be frank) of my FEMALE partner, I’m always up for a 69. The blue pills and some Wild Turkey make me 20-ish in that position.

  8. MJA – That’s too funny! I did the same thing one whole year when I though I was 48. But when I called my older sister to wish her a happy birthday I ribbed her about her age and insisted she was one year older than she was because she is four years and one month older than I. But she stepped through the math and I realized I was actually a year younger than I thought so I got a redo on #48!

  9. If I were to subtract the age I feel from my actual age, some days the answer would be a negative number. Other days the answer would be ten.

    I am Bad Brad’s age. I claim to be 39 but my platinum blond highlights give me away.

  10. Hmm… As a qualifier, my family dies young. Both my grandfathers were dead long before I was born; in their 30’s. Grandmothers died at 66 and 69. Mon at 51, and dad at 62. So I feel rather worn thin at my age, much more like those friends who have recently retired.

  11. If I had a few months to recuperate a bit, I’m sure I’d bounce back a bit, but I’ve been working since I was around 8 years old, much of it at sea. I’ve never had a vacation or any real “time off. That’s just a brief time when I work other jobs. And now, in my 40’s, I’m tired. I’ve worn out knees and hands, fractured neck, rotten teeth, blurry eyes, and a mind that’s sick of the general population and political rats.
    I long to see the face of The Lord.

  12. -35
    I am 45 but feel 80, because junkies have caused the gov’t & medical community to make it too much of a hassle for people like me who live with chronic pain to get effective medication.
    My frustration and aggravation score is pretty high, I’m sure. Did I do the math right for futility? I am no mathlete.

  13. @Sturge: Damn, Sturge – you make me feel bad for feeling as good as I did when I was in my 40’s. Can’t you get some time off or something? Or maybe a career change? If everyone in your family worked as hard as you have, it’s no wonder they tended to check out early. I’m pretty sure the Lord’s in no hurry to see your face just yet.

  14. @jpm: Why would souls in Heaven have ANY particular age? Seems to me age is an Earthly construct. It’s not like you would have to pass any physicals there, or be attractive to the opposite sex, because there would be no need for sexes in Heaven. You’re certainly not going to reproduce, so there wouldn’t be any difference between “men” souls and “women” souls.

    Hmmm – Now that I come to think of it, maybe the Muslims have a better system than we do. Maybe we can ask Hugh Hefner if Heaven was a disappointment to him, assuming he went there.


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