Conversation with Reader/Blogger MareZilla

Mare has a good story about a recent brush with greatness, the most well known of all.

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  1. Divine intervention, Shout it from the roof tops !
    MareZilla you are Blessed, you chose to share those blessings, strength and encouragement with others.

    The light you shared with others reflects brightly upon you.

    “Fides, Familia, Amici”
    Faith first and foremost, Family second only to Faith, Friends above all else that remains.

  2. I got tears of joy hearing your experience of amazing grace, Zilla! Thank you and BFH for sharing such an encouraging story with a happy ending. Praise God for His mercy and grace and love!

  3. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound! Mare — you’ve been anointed now, watch out! 🙂 How wonderful.

    Love to you,

  4. More features like these please! So fascinating to listen to and I get the chance to learn more about those who are being interviewed.


  5. Hey Zilla!
    Thank God you came through that horrible experience.
    Also – it sounds like you finally got a clear diagnosis for your problems that have ailed you all these years (I corresponded with you about potential lyme disease on your site a long time ago). At least I hope so.

  6. I got to say Wow on this story.

    But it is not as unusual as one might think.

    BFH there is such hope for you. You know how to zero in on the important stuff.

  7. Thanks, BFH, and thanks to all of you here, I do truly and dearly love you all!
    Yes, Jethro, I remember, and while I am still recovering I AM doing much better now.
    The tick diseases weren’t getting better over the years because the Addison’s had not yet been diagnosed or dealt with but now the tick diseases are in remission so all I have left to deal with is the damage they caused & the Addison’s Disease. I probably always had it, just not full blown like it is now. I was a sickly kid who missed a lot of school to stuff Dr.s could not figure out and what they thought was asthma. Years of misdiagnosis & wrong treatments and accusations of hypochondria and the government accususing my poor mommy of having Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome – all water under the bridge now. Happy to be alive and blessed to have friends here.
    I really do love you guys!
    Thank you for the prayers and kind words, they mean the world to me.

  8. Oh, we forgot to pimp my blog!
    I will have new posts up soon, and I’d be really grateful for some traffic (and Google’s AdSense pennies now that the bills are coming in for the ambulance & hospital) while I try to build the place back up!
    Please come me at !
    I promise I will show you the new Husky Dalmation Lab puppies soon! Bellah delivered six, and we gave two to our family’s best friends on New Year’s Eve, but we kept four and they are really cool dogs! My babies are four months old now and they are already huge – and still growing! Like I said in the interview, I spent the past 4 months but for a brief interruption by my own death slaving around the clock for them but they are finally old enough that I can enjoy them now and catch my breath and then share their baby pictures with all of you!

  9. BFH FEBRUARY 21, 2017 AT 2:02 PM
    Slammo Bammo.

    Gonna use that!
    I’m practicing but I can’t quite put the correct umpf into it. Want to say like Zilla says it 🙂

  10. LOL, Perspective! Just say it fast and loud and you’ll do fine.

    Did I mention lately how much I love all you guys here at Cuz I really do freakin’ love ya! You people never fail to make me smile. I lurk here a lot, even if I’m not always up to commenting. I like to read what you all have to say about things. You’re the Best thing happening on teh interwebz.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this story! Miracles happen everyday, and Marezilla is living proof! Your real life story has been a springboard to teach my children about a wrinkle in the history of Grenada AND slavery! So powerful! May God continue to Bless and Keep you, and inspire your blogging! I’m hooked!


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