Cooking Directions

Pretty much.

h/t Jon

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  1. This is the label on all the things my dad “cooks”. Canned soup has too much salt in it considering his medical conditions, but he wants to fix most of his own meals …… damn it! I just have to get him things that he is willing to eat.

    He refuses to cover anything he microwaves (because he knows how to use a microwave …. damn it), and all of it splatters all over the inside of the microwave. I’ve found some salt free vegetables that he will eat, but he still won’t cover anything up in the microwave.

    Wiping the microwave out occasionally is the least I can do for him all things considered. I wished him a happy Father’s Day and all is pretty well within my world for the time being. A belated Happy Father’s Day to everyone on IOTWReport.

  2. And he has to cook and eat ALL of it whatever it is LOL. He simply has no concept of “splitting up the contents of a can” so he can eat some of it later. If it’s in a can, he has to eat it in one serving.


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