Cory Booker Gives Us All The Gift Of Mockable Pandering This Year

In a tweet that should become a holiday tradition for the New Jersey Democrat, Senator Cory Booker released the words for the “Twelve Days of Feministmas” yesterday.  More 

16 Comments on Cory Booker Gives Us All The Gift Of Mockable Pandering This Year

  1. What’s with the ‘No tampon tax’?
    How come I’m expected to pay more tax to cover women not paying for tampons.
    Where does this shit end? No make-up tax, no clothing tax, no shoe tax, no underwear or bra tax, no car tax no housing tax, no anything tax,
    You’re a woman. Fully equal to man in every way, well equipped mentally, emotionally and physically to handle any challenge that life offers, remember?

  2. @Poor Lazlo December 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    Oh!, Poor Lazlo, you see, what matters is they’ve got suffrage. Their vote is equal to a bicycles. For everything else, they’ve got people. Well, at least, bicycles. Bicycles with guns. Now stand for the Anthem, patriot. Stand and deliver.

  3. I am so so ashamed that he is a senator from my state. The level of stupidity of the voters in this state is unprecedented. NJ has an endless supply of morons.

  4. Nauseating abomination against
    my Christian faith…
    Him & His sick poem.
    BTW= The fairer sex has it WAY
    better over here than what poor
    women have to endure in sub-Sahara Africa…


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