Coulter announces the opening of a new airline

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  1. James Woods had another great tweet:
    So if these “dreamers” AREN’T from sh*tholes, they should be thrilled to be going back from whence they came, no?

  2. You know it wouldn’t be so bad but some of them make this place a sh–hole after they get here to stop feeling homesick.

  3. Ann Coulter? You mean the same Ann Coulter that two days ago was doing nothing bad mouthing Trump? Ann, if you’re not smart enough to keep up just keep your damn mouth shut or get off the team for good moron.

  4. The countries these people are coming from are places where all power is coalesced
    in Government (just like the Democrats want here), which in turn oppresses the people,
    economically, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is the definition of a SHITHOLE country.
    This is why they are fleeing to the United States. The greatly offended on the Left are doing these
    poor people a great disservice by seeking to protect them from the President’s alleged statement, and
    by sugar-coating the realities that the immigrants are fleeing. But, we should not be surprised as
    the Left always downplays the misery and ruin wrought when their ideas are implemented.
    Conservatives have long known and said: Democrats love Dictators. We may now include: Democrats love Shitholes.

  5. Shithole country. Place that uses a pit latrine, which is a hole in the ground used to…..shit in. Most commonly found in sub Saharan Africa and South east Asia.

    Guess the truth still hurts.

  6. Okay, Google. Define shithole.

    an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.

    Explain how Donald Trump, who has dementia and all sorts of mental issues as evidenced by lack of vocabulary with small hands, manage to use the exact words required to accurately describe exactly what he’s talking about..?

  7. Every celeb and “news” person that jumps on this story should be forced to take a vacation in Haiti without bodyguards. Lets see them take their families there for a fun week in hell

  8. I’ve been waiting for Vietvet to weigh in on this today. I need a good gut laugh and I know he’ll deliver.

    The Left’s inability to utter the word sh*thole to describe a sh*thole is so very predictable.

  9. I see where CNN’s star homosexualist, Anderson Cooper, was brought to tears by the President’s entirely accurate description of Haiti as a shithole. He hasn’t cried like this since his boyfriend was caught cheating on him whilst he was sailing around Greece on a yatch full of metrosexuals.

    As for Ann Coulter: Bravo for calling third world shitholes what we all know they are: SHITHOLES!

  10. “If we could only get those n*ggers out of those shitholes and into the States, they’d all vote democrat for the next two hundred years… Right?”

  11. Trump is denying he said this, but Dems in the room insist he did. They’re making him pay for forcing them to go on the record with the press during the immigration meeting.

  12. @Brown Eyed Girl:
    “Trump is denying he said this, but Dems in the room insist he did. They’re making him pay for forcing them to go on the record with the press during the immigration meeting.”

    I didn’t/don’t believe he used those words, but I don’t care is he did, and I am certain none of his supporters do.

  13. ” But oh my gawd she criticized Trump. Can’t have that can we. Not allowed.”

    That woman changes her position on Trump, and lots of other topics, about every 20 minutes. Give me a break. She’s starting to lose credibility. I’m not the only one saying that. And her criticism of Trump proved to be unfounded. RIGHT? Once again by the way.

  14. What is funny about the “shithole countries” comment is I don’t believe he applied the title to any specific country, yet we are supposed to believe some countries were offended?

    Suggested Trump apology:
    I am sorry if any of you were offended when I called you shithole countries. I thought you already knew.

  15. “Trump is denying he said this, but Dems in the room insist he did.”

    I’ve been following this the best I can today. I have not heard a Dem yet say “Yes he said shit hole”. I have heard them say “He said lots of offensive things”, with tears running down their faces.
    Dick Durbin is crushed because Trump said the highly offensive “Chaim Migration”. Turns out, as of today, that term is highly racist because black people the world over believe they MIGRATED to America in chains. This is the Dems trying to get back at Trump after Trump set them up for failure.

  16. Tony R, I agree. I don’t care if he did, either. A significant part of his charm is that he says what’s been on my mind a majority of my adult life and then backs it up with decisive action.

  17. Trump supporters are reassured by the alleged language.
    Leftists have their preexisting Trump Derangement Syndrome biases confirmed anew.
    Dems again prove they are useless and completely irresponsible, with exactly zero to contribute.

    Yesterday people were afraid they had elected President Jeb Bush.
    Today it feels like PDT is trolling and rolling the Dems on DACA.

    Have your talks. Let the Dems posture and thrash and flail around.
    Let DACA expire and add them to the deportation lists. needs all our support. Best free faxing program to Congress of any patriot group anywhere. They’re asking everyone to call/fax on this.

  18. I was told I used a cuss word in a FB Video form a recent convention.
    Him: You cussed on a FB Video
    Me: Did I say F***
    Him: No
    Me: Very good, carry on

  19. Speaking of Shitholes, what about, Los Angeles, Chicago, St Louis, New York City, Miami, Seattle, and Portland. Or was he talking the MEGA SHITHOLE CITIES LIKE: Washington D.C., New Orleans, Houston, DETROIT, Flint, Philly, Boston, Newark, San Francisco, just to name a few.

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