Credibility of Fox News On the Line with Poll That Shows Jones Up by 10

Breitbart: Fox News put its credibility on the line when it released a new poll on Monday that shows liberal Democrat Doug Jones leads conservative Republican Roy Moore by 10 points, 50 percent to 40 percent, in tomorrow’s special election for the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

The contrast between the results reported by Fox News and every other recent major poll could not be sharper.

Earlier on Monday, an Emerson Poll was released that shows Moore up by nine points, 53 percent to 44 percent.

The five other most recent polls featured in the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls all show Moore in the lead.

The Fox News Poll released on Monday “was under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R),” and included a respondent sample of likely voters that included 44 percent Republicans, 42 percent Democrats, and 14 percent independents (Republican +2) (see political identification after question 7 here), which significantly oversamples Democrats.

One way to understand the actual voting behavior of Alabamians is to look at the results of the 2016 election in the state. President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a margin of 28 points, 63 percent to 35 percent.

That breaks down to a party affiliation of Republican +15, with Independents voting for President Trump by about a two to one margin. This is similar to the party affiliation breakdown seen in the samples of respondents in the five recent polls that show Moore in the lead.  more here

21 Comments on Credibility of Fox News On the Line with Poll That Shows Jones Up by 10

  1. Emmerson Poll had Moore up by +9. That’s a 19 point swing on two polls with a , supposedly, +/- 4 point margin of error. Someone is being full of shit here. My guess is that most polls have a huge oversampling of lonely shut-ins whose opinions are likely off the wall.

    I know I don’t answer poll calls because I really don’t trust anyone I don’t know who calls me asking for anything be it time, money, or opinion.

  2. And because of the accuracy of polls we are now stuck with three more years of President Hillary Rodham Cli………Wait a minute.

  3. We’ll know in a few hours.

    Like PDT, Candidate Moore has run hard, stood his ground and refused to be rolled by the Left’s dirtiest tricks.

    I pray he prevails and carries the fight to D.C. and MAGA.

    We are all in the hands of God.

    Whatever happens, the false accusers need to be sued into bankruptcy and criminally prosecuted, including Allred, as an example.

    There is no future for the Left. The sooner they accept that, the sooner they can begin Rehab.

  4. Tell a pollster approve anything, pay him up front and in cash, and he will prove whatever you want.
    Dhimitards are going down in Alabama!

  5. It’s as “credible” as a poll about California with
    44% Democrats and 42% Republicans

  6. Huff Po just had a story lamenting that Donald Trump has been effective in following through on lots of his campaign promises.
    Then they say his approval ratings are low.

    Either Trump voters are stupid or pollsters are lying, or they are only polling the left and #NeverTrump.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, which do you think it is?

  7. If I was an Alabama Democrat I’d stay home since Jones is gonna win by 9%.
    If I was an Alabama Democrat I’d stay home since Jones is gonna lose by 9%.
    Either way – just stay home, y’all. Let the grownups do the decidin’.

  8. Murdoch’s kids are dumb asses. Haven’t they learned anything watching the MSM lie their way into irrelevance? Some of them have let their dishonesty destroy their companies. Do those dumb asses really think economic principles do not apply to them? It’s only a matter of time before investors take on the left and their pals in the MSM.

  9. If Moore loses he needs to do exactly what hillary has done for a year. Bitch and moan and blame everybody on planet earth and write a book. That’s what all conservatives should do from now on and just claim it as the hillary precedent. No more mr nice guy disappearing into history. Ram it down their throats every chance we get.
    Sick to death of double standards, innuendo passed as news, propaganda and hypocrisy.
    And where the hell is that conservative news we keep hearing about?

  10. I enjoy answering opinion polls. I give my honest answers but when they ask for demographic info I self identify as whatever pops into my head race, gender, income, education. Just keep mixing it up.

  11. With a 719 area code and living in N AL no poller will call me.
    When I was in line at 640 this morning there were 19 people in front of me.

  12. I for one am glad that they are showing Jones ahead. Just like with the polls saying Hillary had a 90% chance of beating Trump, that lie only motivated more right-leaning people to vote against Hillary because they thought they might not win.

    Same thing with Jones v. Moore.

    Moore should spank the ever-loving crap outta Jones now!

    I think people understand that Trump is doing his best but the Repub establishment is working as a UNIPARTY to thwart him. It’s for this reason that MOORE must not win (in their eyes). The Repubs are in panic mode because their gravy train is about to derail in a major, long-lasting way.

    Pray that Jones loses. Jones represents Hillary. Nuff said.

  13. Tsunami – totally agree. That poll was just to light a fire under every Alabaman Republican’s butt to Get Out and Vote! Take nothing for granted, no matter if you think Moore is ahead or behind.

    We may have only have a few years to turn this country around, and Republicans need the momentum at every election. If anything, I am glad that Moore has courage to stand his ground on everything. RINO’s – take note !


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