Critique of Nevada Caucus – “Complete Disaster”


There have been lots and lots of reports of strange goings on in the Nevada Caucus.

People have *allegedly witnessed ballots being uncounted, discarded, other people voting twice, and overt electioneering.

The electioneering, for people not familiar with caucuses, is not illegal, but I mention it because most of the people at the precinct tables were wearing Trump hats, shirts, buttons, and sweat shirts. If there were shenanigans, the accusations are most likely going to be directed at Trump’s ground game. (The one that wasn’t supposed to exist.)

Twitter was on fire with photos of an event that looked more like an election in Bolivia.

Caucuses are ridiculous. It’s just too ripe for cheating.

All elections should be private, in a booth, with voter ID required. Is that too much to ask?

Even if you’re for Trump, you have to admit that this is an unacceptable process.


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  1. But but but….TED CRUZ IS A LIAR…..HE’S SICK…..HE’S THE DEVIL…..

    Makes complete sense that Trump the Bully/blowhard’s people would resort to fraud. Same type of psycho’s we saw 8 years ago.

  2. It’s a caucus, so Trump shirt, Cruz shirts, Rube shirts are no more out of line than the outright lobbying that is acceptable in the Iowa caucus. Besides, Trump wouldn’t need any cheating to go on to win. His win is consistent with the polls.

  3. Yes, Glenn Beck was stumping for Cruz in full 1776 regalia at one caucus! Terrible!

    As you just stated, Fur, there’s nothing illegal in wearing campaign advertising. No harm, no foul at least on that score.

    Voting twice? Tossed ballots? Yes, lots of “reports” of that. By who? Against who? I’m going to wait for the dust to settle on “reports.” It’s only fair before coming to a conclusion.

    If those reports prove to be true, then those precincts’ balloting should be challenged and/or disallowed.

    I did not hear any reports of voters being strong-armed into voting for one or another candidate, people being told someone had left the race or that candidates were for or against something they clearly are not for or against. I’m glad of that.

    What I can NEVER understand is caucus or voting places being unprepared with either not enough ballots or confused polling leaders. We’ve been doing this sort of thing for a while, what’s so hard about it? So stupid!

  4. Grande Me,

    What does the process have to do with Trump?

    I’m saying the process of the caucus sucks. The way it’s organized, the way you cast ballots openly and hand them to people wearing a candidate’s hat is ridiculous.

    If you’re for Trump you might not think the environment is all that off-putting, but it is.
    It stinks. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

    I don’t trust people with my precious vote.

    Do you want to hand your GOP ballot to some stoner wearing a Sander’s shirt?

  5. Whoa! HungJumper! You’re conflating vague “reports” into full blown “voting fraud” by Trump’s people? That’s a wild accusation! And on what evidence are you basing this proclamation?

  6. I’m reporting news stories.
    There are accusations being leveled about cheating.
    Allahpundit has called for the results to be called off.

    Should I ignore the story and post something about basket weaving?

    It’s getting ridiculous, frankly.
    No matter what you say or post or report someone gets pissed and someone uses it as an opportunity to pile on either Cruz or Trump, or me. lol

  7. Fur, I hope you didn’t get all of that out of my comment!

    I read the same “reports” earlier tonight coming out of social media. Not enough time (or inclination to run them to ground). But some of them were way too vague to even seriously consider. If the people reporting them would have said Precinct 12345 was handing out too many ballots or wasn’t checking I.D., etc. it would be helpful.

    I’m not mad or getting angry with you. Maybe you should have posted about basket weaving 🙂

    I don’t understand how anyone can jump to the conclusion that it’s Trump-directed voter fraud. One of the “reports” was about a couple who are long-time registered “R”s not being on a Rubio caucus list.

    Caucuses are run by the state party, not the campaigns. Yes, there are obviously people in the party who are for one candidate or another, but they do things according to the state party rules, not by what the campaigns tell them.

  8. No, my comment was a reflection of the totality of the current climate, not anything specific to this thread.

    By the way, I updated the post using the word allegedly, something that should have been included the first time.
    In my mind “reports” seemed like a word that would imply accusations, not truth.
    I was wrong.

  9. lol! Every time I hear/read the word “allegedly” I think of that woman comedian — the red head conservatives hate.

    Caucuses are the perfect breeding ground for vote fraud, no doubt about it. I don’t like them at all. But it’s what ‘the people’ decided for themselves. The biggest problem is there aren’t enough of us involved in the tedium of attending regular party meetings the other three years. How do the November voters think the person got on the ballot in the first place?! Ai yi yi!

  10. I didn’t think my post conveyed that *I* felt Trump people were cheating.
    I thought I made clear that the accusations were being directed at his people because most of the people there were in Trump shirts.
    They would be the likely ones to have suspicion cast on them
    A: because he won.
    B: because lots of the sites out there are overtly anti-Trump.

    No one is going to accuse the Kasich people of cheating.

  11. Yeah, well…Geoff C. told me about this stuff just as we were heading to bed (I’m always up about an hour later). My response was “I don’t care.” That is, I know the anti-Trump rhetoric is going to go into, pardon my French, MF’ing overdrive. And I don’t care. This has been a very fun election cycle for me. The harder they push against Trump, the better it gets. It must be some sort of Zen thing. Whatever it is, the establishment doesn’t stand a chance. As I wrote earlier tonight, it’s not about them and it’s not even all about Trump. It’s about us. Finally.

  12. Make America great again…ted’s a liar…make America great again…ted’s just nasty…make America great again…did I mention ted’s a nasty liar?

  13. Just in…I went to the Daytona 500 on Sunday wearing a Trump tee shirt. Looks like Trump had 200,000 fans according to the responses I got. I did not find a single Hillary support among anyone I spoke with

  14. If Trump wins the nomination I look forward to seeing how many Trump supporters there a year later no matter if he wins or loses the general election. Once the emotion is gone, reality has set in, and things aren’t what all those supporters were expecting, it’s gonna get ugly.

  15. BFH – This smacks of pundit and highly paid “political campaign strategists” butt hurt.

    Say that the Nevada caucus is flawed and you’re saying what everyone knew in 2008 and 2012 when it had nothing to do with Trump but the establishment did NOTHING to change it because they were able to make it break in their favor.

    To argue that the caucus is flawed now that Trump walked away with another landslide that will potentially cost the donors and cronies trillions smacks of other motives.

    The irony is captured in your statement that accusers are targeting “Trump’s ground game. (The one that wasn’t supposed to exist.)”

    He just went above the 35% ceiling which he wasn’t supposed to do despite having a higher percentage than Romney had with fewer competitors in 2012 and won the majority of hispanic and educated voters which they were sure he would drive away.

    Trump won 50% of the vote. He attracts tens of thousands to his rallies. Last night Trump ALONE won more votes than the entire Republican caucus in 2012. (I remind you that Saturday the Democrats saw 1/3 FEWER caucus voters than in 2008.) With that enthusiasm, SHOULDN’T there be a lot of Trump Tshirts and hats out there?

    If Rubio or Kasich had Trump’s numbers wouldn’t the story be that so many Tshirts and hats are proof of their massive popular support – especially if one of them won NH by 22 points and swept every single voting district in SC on Saturday?

    Argue the inherent weaknesses in caucuses and I’ll agree with you but putting it on Trump is playing “look a squirrel”.

  16. “Allegedly” Yeah, like precincts in Phili where 115% turnout and all for BHO. I guess that and other reports of fraud were just to be discarded as sour grapes. I guess if it’s your guy that’s accused can’t possibly be true.

    Whatever! Just a big mess. On the other hand, just how big is NV anyway in the grand scheme?

  17. Gock — “On the other hand, just how big is NV anyway in the grand scheme?”

    Now who sounds like sour grapes? 😉

    Nevada may not be big but it be mighty in a psychological sense. Big money will be rearranging itself on account of it. This is Ted Cruz’s third third place finish, so unless he has a decisive (10+ point) win in several of the SEC primaries, he will probably lose potential donors. Same would apply to Rubio.

  18. The only system more corrupt than the caucus primary is Oregon’s “all mail-in ballot system”. Having said that, there is no way in hell that Trump cheated his way to 50% of the vote.

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