Cruz Slams PolitiFact for Missing the Truth About Iran Deal

Ted Cruz and Flag

Yellow journalism, “where liberal reporters dress up their opinions as facts.”

Here are three real facts, which PolitiFact conveniently ignores. First, Iran’s leaders are not only frank and open about their history of cheating on international deals, they have also bluntly told us their prime objective, which is to destroy both Israel and the United States.

4 Comments on Cruz Slams PolitiFact for Missing the Truth About Iran Deal

  1. Tragically, the lofo voters are holding to the left’s mantra: “My mind’s made up; don’t confuse me with the facts.” In other words, they will support their ’cause’ right down to them dying via decapitation if needed.

  2. I can’t believe how little media exposure Ted Cruz is getting. The only person the libs want less than Trump is Cruz. Anyone else they can live with.

  3. Cruz needs to “evolve” on his H1B blunder. He is without doubt the best Constitutional scholar on either side and as intelligent as Carson.

    But he needs a fire in his belly. Like a professor of mine once said, “act like your ass is on fire and whole world will stop to watch you burn.”

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