De Blasio Sues Oil Companies for Global Warming – The Week After NYC Records All-Time Record Cold

Gateway Pundit: New York City commie Mayor Bill de Blasio sued the five major oil companies for global warming today.

De Blasio says the city will be seeking billions in the lawsuit to recoup money spent by the city for resiliency efforts related to climate change.

New York City just came off its coldest holiday season in the city’s history.

But why let facts get in the way of a good headline?   more


20 Comments on De Blasio Sues Oil Companies for Global Warming – The Week After NYC Records All-Time Record Cold

  1. We deniers just don’t understand—the global warming causes the cold! The oil companies are making it cold so they can sell more oil.

  2. How many (MANY!) legitimate lawsuits by legitimate American citizens who challenged the status of the obviously suspect candidate/elected Usurper were DISMISSED by the courts as “having no standing” to sue,
    yet DeBlasio can sue for “globaloney warming” because why?!
    Because he has to buy heating oil?! If this proceeds, then close all the courts.

  3. Haha! Bite the hand that feeds you ya dumb liberal bastard.
    Eliminate everything related to oil and see how he responds.

  4. NYC mayor manages to throw more and bigger dump trucks full of taxpayer money to his cronies before the Climate Change jig is up.

  5. The oil companies should comply with DeBlasio’s request to reduce usage of their terrible “Climate Change” byproducts.

    Raising prices of all their gas/oil prices by $10.00 per gallon in the greater metropolitan New York area should go a long way to achieving his goals.

  6. This is still a “free” country and if you have the money, you may sue for whatever you like…. Di-blockhead-o is a pimp and NYC deserves what they get for electing the turd.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  7. A stunning waste of money by a mayor that acts and carries himself as almost a caricature of the dictator Mussolini. An incredible waste of money but it seems that’s ok because it allows Il Douche to strut and preen and puff out his chest.
    One only hopes that when this suit is tossed that legal fees will be awarded to the plaintiff and that the cost is made public.

  8. “The lawsuit follows the city’s announcement that it plans to divest its pension funds from fossil fuel companies.”

    THe list of stupid moves by lisperals is simply endless. A snowball of stupidity.

    I’m sure no one who was relying on a pension would give a hoot about axing one of the cash cows in the fund… meh, it’ll all be insolvent eventually, now just sooner.

  9. I say lets have the lawsuit and put all the chips on the table once and for all. The preponderance of evidence would be on him to prove oil companies caused global warming. Then we can have a real debate and not scumbags like Comrade DeBlassio crying “denier” when you ask for their proof.

    Just like the Mark Steyn lawsuit by Michael Mann that has dragged for 5+ years now and still shows no sign of commencing. Steyn still waiting to have that debate in court and still no sign it it will happen anytime soon.

    Only the dimwits who believe that nonsense will root for the lawsuit. The people behind the money-making ruse, eh not so much because of all the discovery that would take place and the endless documents and texts and e-mails they would have to fork over.

  10. Of course, he has no problem using his helicopter to avoid having to deal with traffic but I guess he doesn’t breathe during the trips to keep his CO2 from spreading.


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