Dearbornistan, Michigan has NO GO zones

SWAT Police: ‘This is it. We don’t go past this line.’

Speisa: How would you feel if you drove into a town here in the United States and found that many of the street signs were in Arabic only with no English wording? Then you look around and discover that many of the signs on businesses were also in Arabic.

Not possible you say? Think again! Welcome to Dearborn, Michigan.

Steve Tarani, author and speaker recounts what he saw when he rode with a member of the Detroit Metro SWAT Police as they drove around Detroit and into Dearborn:

“The street signs suddenly went from English to Arabic. There wasn’t a single English word on any shop or any street sign. And in fact, these little yellow signs were posted all along the edges. Jeremy said to me, ‘this is it. We don’t go past this line.’ And I said to Jeremy, ‘what do you mean? You guys are Detroit Metro. You’re the SWAT team. You can go anywhere you want. What if you get a call over there?’ He said ‘this is it, it’s hazardous for our team if we go past this line.’”  more

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  1. I’d end that shit yesterday. This is how it progresses with these goat fuckers. Soon they’ll be setting up moslim courts and declaring sharia law is the law they’ll follow. They’ve tried it a couple places and were rebuffed.

    As long as they get no pushback, they’ll continue. Soon they’ll be blocking the streets 5 times a day with their bullshit.

    This has played out exactly like this countless times before-we deserve it if we remain feckless.

  2. @MM– Exactly. This didn’t happen overnight and why the hell wasn’t it stopped early on? Who takes care of road repair, water, electricity, natural gas services, etc. to Dearbornistan? Do they have their own Muzz-only utility departments, too? Insane….

  3. They’ll extend their reach. Mohammedans will incrementally pull more crap just outside of their safe zones…liberals will cave…the sharia zones will expand from lack of forceful response.

  4. Well, then, if the quoranderthals have entrenched themselves and created a “no go” zone, time to do a little community organizing.

    Some brave vigilante group needs to go in late at night and start a little Molotov arson, deep in the zone. Then stop the po-po and firefighters from going in to control it.
    Hey! A the city organizations work together, police, fire, ambulance, etc. Stop one, stop all. Then when an emergency happens (see fire above), let the hajjis scream and jabber about discrimination all they want. That street runs in two directions.

  5. They don’t want to assimilate, they want to take over and implement Sharia. I remember visiting my grandparents in Chicago as a child. They lived in a Polish area of town and there were still telltale signs people were Polish – food, language amongst each other etc. But it was welcoming, everything was in English – they wanted your business. If we had allowed all immigrants to just change signs and implement their own laws and language we wouldn’t be a cohesive nation. We aren’t going to be if this continues.

  6. Even though there are a number of Conservative web sites reporting Muslim no-go zones in Dearborn and other places, I am very suspicious of this. I have read comments on various websites by Dearborn residents who say it ain’t so, Joe. Hopefully they would know the truth. Apparently this story has been promulgated by Fox News and Bobby Jindal, as well as others, but it has been widely refuted as a hoax:

    For the Snopes haters, there’s this:

    For the Snopes AND Atlantic magazine haters, there’s other sites, such as Hoaxslayers where this story has also been debunked. Anyway, short of driving up to Michigan and checking it out (which I am not going to do), I guess we’ll just have to form our own opinions. Right not I tend to believe it is not true.

    P.S. – As you may know, I am no friend of the spread of Islamic control, but we need to avoid repeating lies when we deliver our message, otherwise who will believe us when we speak the truth?

  7. We’re on the cusp of having all law and order start to break down in many cities in the US. And the “cure” will be UN troops and a “more stable” government that will be identical to the one we have now.

    It’s open season on whitey in DC. The democrats are traitors and their stupid white base is never gonna figure out what’s going on until they’re being slaughtered by those they thought were their “friends”.

  8. Wall it off. No go zone both ways. No ambulances, no leaving to go to our hospitals, no incoming trucking shipments of any goods whatsoever. No incoming electricity, water, or sewage.

    Put the Guard on the wall to ensure no one escapes.

    Problem solved in about two months.

  9. Not to belabor the point, but there are many ethnic enclaves in urban areas where the prevalent nationality has signs in their native language. For example, there is a large Vietnamese community in Houston, Texas where there are so many store and street signs in Vietnamese that when I first saw them, I thought for I minute that I was back in Saigon (excuse me, Ho Chi Minh City now, I guess). I don’t believe it means they are going to try to take over, just that they feel more comfortable in the language they know best.

    I will admit to having a couple of flashbacks when I saw them, though…


  10. Count me in as a Snopes hater. If the topic is non political they manage to do an O.K. job. If the topic is political the jokers at snopes will bend over backwards to call it in favor of the progressive agenda. For Example google “did Hillary lie about emails” and there are zero hits from snopes. Then google “did Hillary lie” again zero hits on snopes. The type “did Hillary snopes” and the first “myth” snopes tackles is “did Hillary get a child rapist off and then laugh about it. Snopes call this one mostly false by saying Hillary “did not volunteer” for the job (a claim not made in the charge) and that Hillary did not laugh about it. But the crazy thing is you can google up the interview and hear Hillary laugh about it.

    I’m a historian at heart so I actually love reading up for myself or listening to first hand or reliable reports. Snopes, when it comes to reporting on political charged topics snopes is mostly false or at least they have lost all credibility via Hillary did not laugh about getting a child rapist off.

    No Go Zones in France:
    No Go Zones in UK (well, police being told to leave and the police leave):
    No Go Zones in Sweden:
    Dating back to 2012 documenting the “emerging No Go Zone in Dearborn”:
    more no go zones in UK:

  11. @Vietvet, I have no problem with their continuing certain aspects of their culture. The Viets are, by and large, escapees from folks not terribly unlike the Islamofascists of today. (Please, please ‘splain that to the lofos Viet dudes) They are not trying to force their culture and/or religion down our throats at all levels of govt. They are not trying force an incompatible legal system on us. They are largely assimilating. They are not alone in that just about every other culture with one obvious, glaring exception, does just fine here. You take any cowboy-booted, white, pickup driving, slow-talkin’ Houstonian and put him on a donkey and drop him in the middle of Ulan Bator and tell me he will be completely assimilated in a couple years. His kids or grandkids might be, but he probably won’t ever completely assimilate. That’s okay. The net movement is in the right direction.

  12. @Gojira: We are not in disagreement. I only brought up the Vietnamese example to point out that signs in one’s native tongue do not a no-go zone make. So – I don’t have any trouble with signs in Arabic, or Vietnamese, or Chinese, or even Russian, as long as the people who make and read the signs are peaceful, good citizens. I don’t even care if they assimilate, provided that they don’t cause trouble. I have heard a lot more about rioting, looting, and terrorism in Ferguson, Baltimore, Orlando, and Dallas than I ever heard about Dearborn, so in this case I’m inclined to apply the American Justice System principle of innocent until proven guilty.

    P.S. – I can’t believe I’m the only person here who refuses to blindly swallow everything they see or read on the Internet without fact-checking, though.

    At least I hope not.

  13. @Vietvet, sorry didn’t mean to come across as combative, just trying to push the ball downfield a couple more yards by emphasizing your thesis that an enclave does not necessarily make for a no-go zone and to be clear, I use the Viets in an exemplary sense, not a derogatory one. I know from personal experience that the sons and grandsons of the 70s “boat people” make superb Marines (that’s assimilation right there). It lets me name those that cannot be named as the anti-Viets. With regard to my post, I probably should have used “if one does this or that” instead of “if you do this or that”. Seems a bit stuffy and stilted but is less able to be taken personally. Sorry. I am truly not interested in cannibalizing fellow travelers.

    Now, whether there are indeed no-go zones in Dearborn seems a matter of conjecture. Many of the fact checkers have been agendized and aren’t completely trustworthy, either (I don’t even trust them, let alone “the internet”) but, no matter, I think it is fairly certain that there are several European cities with them and over here it is just a matter of time on our current trajectory. And as we all know, it’s not the Vietnamese doing it.

  14. I agree. The Vietnamese have done an excellent job of adapting to, and thriving in, our country since their arrival here. Most Americans could take a lesson from them in the areas of hard work, family values, and educational excellence. In other words, the things we used to value here at one time.

  15. To me there are no “good muslims”. They all read the same book and their so called religion(cult) will prevail over everything else. They will kill you in a blink of an eye. I do not or ever will trust ANY of them. I wish Trump would ship them all out and never let any of them in!!!!

  16. Thanks, Vietvet for the link to the better photo.

    This photo is at the Detroit “Peoplemover” metro rail station in Downtown Detroit. The Arabic on this sign reads “for your safety, please wait behind the yellow line.”
    Here’s more info on the Renaissance Center station on Trip Advisor, also with a better photo:

    This photo was surely used in a misleading way and leads one to question the whole article. If the author saw many yellow signs with Arabic warnings, why did he use a photo from downtown Detroit? Did he even go to Dearborn?! This stinks like a fraud.

    I wonder why the mayor of Dearborn is a guy named Jack O’Reilly — that’s not a very Islamic/Jihadi name. See:

    Mayor O’Reilly has a beard, but he seems to trim it which surely falls way short of jihadi/sharia standards. (no pun intended).

    I welcome anyone here to find where it says in the Dearbon city page that their mayor or their government is in exile.

    Also I wonder if they can find any official Detroit Police information on their webpage about Dearborn as a Muslim no-go-zone:

    I searched for it on their page, but is the closest story or info I could find:
    “Michigan Muslim Community Council and Islamic Relief USA Donate $100,000 to Help Detroiters with Their Water Bills” There’s no mention of forced use of hijabs or beheadings. Unless it’s written in code so that they aren’t detected so obviously.

    This story is absolute BULLSHIT. But I’m sure some will somehow twist obvious, verifiable facts into something about O’Reilly being a secret Jihadi or the entire internet is part of a conspiracy to fool us.


  17. @AP: You’re welcome.

    BTW, this has to hold the IOTWR world record (18 months!) for the longest period of time elapsed between a comment and a reply – at least one that was seen by the original commenter, that is. Had I not just happened to see my screen name roll by in the “RECENT COMMENTS” section, I never would have been aware of it.

    P.S. – Maybe I should look back through the previous 2500+ posts and see if I missed any other replies.



  18. @Vietvet,
    It looks like they removed the bogus photo from downtown Detroit (not Dearborn). But I guess these snowflakes just aren’t strong enough to admit they provided false info. I guess they don’t have a replacement photo that can actually support the claims made in the story.



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