Defecation in the Open

If we devalue countries whose people defecate in public, which we should, there are definitely $hith0le countries.

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Is this progressive bastion not a $hithole?

Take a drive around downtown LA.

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  1. I just read today that Denver just passed an ordinance allowing “homeless” and “aliens” to defecate in public.

  2. Whether POTUS Trump said it or not, another harsh light shining on a major health problem in D-run urbania.

  3. To all you dem representatives and RINOs, where is your mandate to waste all your time in elected office trying to get Trump out of the White House? GFY!!!! You were elected to do a job and apparently your TTSD has impeded you doing it. Either get you mentally incapable asses back to work to the job you were elected to do or fucking resign.

    Racist, Racist, Racist, is that all you can say? This will go down in history as the most ridiculous congress in history. You have no legacy……

    Fuck you!

  4. YaaE,

    They’re not failing to do their jobs, nor are they particularly mentally incapable (a few, yes, but not most).

    They are communists out to further weaken and disintegrate the U.S. in order to amass even more power, leading to their eventual absolute rule. ONLY when one views what they do through that lens, does every single thing they say and do make any sense.

    And more than a few of those communists have a letter by their names that isn’t a capital D.

  5. Ya’no, if these insufferable shitholes weren’t already on record as disparaging cis white men, deplorable, gun toting, bible thumping, redneck trailer trash right here in their own back yard. I would maybe give a whole shit about what a fragile snowflake thinks about my President, I’m afraid I’m plumb out of give a shit of what a racist, fascist, bigot thinks.
    They overplayed their rhetoric, nobody really cares what they think anymore. When everything is racist, nothing is, you have worn all the edges off that word/sword from overuse.
    Give yourselves another award, molest another woman or suck another dick, deny a citizen their first and second amendment rights and calm down, we don’t care anymore.

  6. You just know that this issue will be the next human rights argument from the left. As always they reach for the shit and run with it.

  7. Outdoor liveable Weather all year long, if that doesn’t make Los Angeles
    the Drain on the Tub I don’t know what does !
    ( exept for the problem of everyone having an Uncle in L’A )

  8. Tour of Afghanistan in 2003, we were told that the country had quite a bit of “environmental” hazards. One that I remember was that we were told that 10% of the dust blowing around (and it was ALWAYS blowing around) was fecal mater.

    Another little tid bit from Afghanistan, the new and improved ANA (Afghan National Army) built a brand new “shower building” at their Army training center. The ANA members had apparently never experienced what a “Shower building” was designed to do. Two weeks after opening the new “shower building” they closed it….permanently. Apparently it was simply too full of fecal matter to be worth trying to clean it out.

    If that is not a sh*thole country, then words do not mean anything anymore

    But as has already been said, since everything said by anyone who disagrees with a liberal is “racist”, then nothing that is objectively true can be seen by liberals. So much for the supposedly “objective and unbiased” press actually reporting anything true, such as an economy that is actually improving.

  9. Shithole US cities common denominator: progressive ruled. The left is creating the world they show us in ELYSIUM or even DISTRICT 9. Shithole areas for deplorables, gated or off shore (earth) area for the elite.

    What I will never understand is why their cultish followers cannot SEE the hypocrisy. The elite left parade their largesse boldly, but they have their ‘#’ badges on. Just look at the Golden Gloves. Such empathy shown with their badges and black costumes with the men looking like they were leashed dogs. And there was Connie Britton, proudly displaying her trashy, but expensive costume with ‘Peverty is Sexism’ blazing across the front. WHY DON’T THE FAWNING FANS SEE THE CLARITY OF HYPOCRISY?

    The damn GOP leadership is clearly signifying their alignment with the left. It really is time to flush congress if anyone who had served 2 terms. Bye, bye do nothing 💩heads.

  10. Oh wow! There was another coined by Siri correction that I actually like: ‘perverty’ instead of Poverty.

  11. Anybody notice that Wolfe’s controversial Fire and Fury book has been swept away from the headlines? Great 👍 strategy, White House 👌

  12. I know people who spend their time trying to get people in India and Africa to stop shitting in the open and drink clean water. It’s hard to do with people who are almost completely uneducated and can’t even fathom the disease theory of disease. If Trump really said this (which I doubt given the lies told daily by news people and demoncrats) he is right.

  13. True fact: One of the main reasons The USSR bailed on Afghanistan was because returning troops were increasingly
    being diagnosed with TB.

    Why, you may well ask? Because of open defecation and dry climate. The dry climate dried the shit up and winds stirred it up so that it was breathed in by the occupying troops

    So you see, it can pay to be a shithole — especially if you weaponize your shit

  14. Those dictators in foreign countries who dictate to people who shit in the streets, wipe with their bare hands, rape children, dehumanize and mutilate women and girls… how are they so proud of themselves that they run a shithole?

  15. You might ask why didn’t this bother our troops in Afshatistan. Because we had better immunizations against this very problem — the ol’ gamma globulin injection

    I had to take one in the right ass cheek because I once deployed to the semi-shithole Republic of Jordan. Does it ever make your glute muscle sore. Basically, you walk around like Festus for the rest of the day. It almost qualifies you for a Purple Heart

  16. Such a sad video. I’m not for handing out money like a Democrat but you have to wonder how Brown spends millions on a hi-speed train that if actually built will forever be a drain on the public purse when scenes like this are in the most well known city in the world. I guess the Mayor and city council are good as well at hiding the bad things. Of course if this ever became well known around the world the Dems would blame conservatives and the GOP. Oh, and they’d blame Trump of course.

  17. Is it a coincidence that the map of “shit in the open countries” looks exactly like a map of countries immigrating to the U.S. after Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration “reform” act?

  18. As to the video, when I was living in LA (1952 to 1974) there were a few small areas that looked like that video (skid row, parts of watts, South Central) the rest was pretty nice The last time I was there (5 years ago) it looked like Calcutta, or some other turd-world shithole. 50 years of progressive “leadership” will do that to a great city. And state.

  19. You take half the money these pukes waste on bullet trains and studies on whether Fat Lesbians are as happy as skinny ones, and build mental hospitals to house and treat these people.
    Wait until you get cholera and the like going around the schools
    Can’t do anything good in America until it’s a crisis

  20. Bman says Venezuela’s rate is going to go up. The only problem with that theory is you first have to eat food before you produce feces.

  21. @Tony R,
    My theory is that Teddy’s oh-so-destructive legislation stems not just from his leftist Anti-Americanism but also to avenge the assassination of his brother.

    Another reason we will never see the complete Warren Commission report ?!

  22. Calling these countries ‘shit holes’ is a complement. These countries would be vastly improved if the bipedal life forms there actually shit in holes. You know, as opposed to any which where. Hell, even my cat digs a hole and buries its turds.


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