Dem strategists: Biden ‘late to the party’ for 2016

joe biden window

Democrats, may have a lot of affection for Vice President Joe Biden but if he enters the 2016 presidential contest now, he’ll find himself a day late and a dollar short, party strategists say.


8 Comments on Dem strategists: Biden ‘late to the party’ for 2016

  1. “late to the party”?

    is that like “the elevator not going all the way to the top”?
    a “few bricks short of a load”?
    the “lights are on but nobody’s home”?

  2. I have difficulty believing he can’t beat out any of the current Dem candidates. Let’s see, there’s the ‘inevitable one’ everybody hates, the avowed Socialist, and, um, who else? Lack of money isn’t an issue.

  3. I swear, that red-tailed squirrel is out there …
    watching me …
    always watching me …

    oh … late for the party?
    It ain’t no party til the clown arrives!

  4. He’s thinking…’this window looks tasty, but it’s in the the boss’s office and he might get upset if I lick it. Better wait till he goes out.’

  5. Biden late to the party…he’ll find himself a day late and a dollar short…

    So the democrat “strategists” have just figured out what the intelligent people have known for 72 years.

  6. Those Democratic Strategists are working for the Clinton camp right now. Of course that will change if Biden enters, Obama backs him and Clinton keeps being stuck in the Tar Baby of her private server emails.


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