BREAKING NEWS: Federal Jury Convicts Corrine Brown 18 of 22 Federal Fraud and Corruption Counts


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  1. This wig-wearing worthless con-woman has been a reeking stench in the nostrils of Floridians forever. She makes grifter Maxine Waters look like Mother Theresa by comparison.
    Her long, scandal-ridden career in Florida politics is due to the stupidity of a semi-illiterate constituency that votes skin color alone, exploited by the Dem party racketeers.

    I hope they put her in General Population. She won’t last long.

    In a sane society she would never have ascended to any responsibilities to abuse.
    She deserves a firing squad.
    And Florida deserves better.

  2. She was on the Veteran’s affairs committee. No wonder that department has been such a disaster!

    If you truly want to drain the swamp, individuals like her and Hillary Clinton need to be thrown in jail for their crimes.

  3. Federal prosecutors allege the charity was to give scholarships to underprivileged students, but instead acted as the personal slush fund for Brown and her associates.

    She conned and ripped off libtard donors….wait for it….wait….wait…

    FOR THE CHILDREN! (and weaves)

  4. “I’m ready for Corrine,” said Warden Butler at Federal Prison Camp Alderson for female federal felons in Alderson WV.
    “As long as she follows the guidelines in the FPC Alderson Prisoner Handbook, she’ll be fine.
    Shantrel Brown, her daughter, can visit Fridays through Mondays. And all federal holidays.”

  5. I am really surprised she got convicted despite being guilty. Hope she gets the maximum sentence and huge fines!

  6. I applaud the invective and the general sentiment here, except:
    she DO well represent the boxes of rocks I ran into driving through Gainesville, Floriduh.

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