Democrat Rep.Steve Cohen, a Failed Feminist Prop

Canada Free Press: ‘2018 Will Be The Year Feminists Target Little Boys’ is the wrong headline.

Feminists target little boys even before their birth in wanton abortion; have for decades targeted little boys from kindergarten age onward, and, shamefully, are uninterrupted in doing so.

‘Feminism’ leaves the devious impression that it stands for the protection of women and children which couldn’t possibly be more wrong.

The most radical members of the modern feminist movement are men who identify as “feminists”, who should have their pictures posted to Facebook for their family and friends to see every time they go out on the march.

You saw them under their ridiculous pussycaps during the Million Women March bringing up the rear on the day of President Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

Men who identify as feminists find legitimacy because men like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron self-identify as “feminists”.

Both Trudeau and Macron have acknowledged that they budget thousands of dollars for makeup in a world where it’s become increasingly difficult for folk to stay on top of the rent and mortgage.

It is erroneous to conclude that ‘2018 Will Be The Year Feminists Target Little Boys’ when deranged Dems already started doing just that on Dec. 31st.

That’s when Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee), who recently introduced articles of impeachment against Trump, which failed to pass the House, went full-bore against tall but little boy, 11-year-old Barron Trump in a nasty Tweet that could only have been devised by a man identifying as a feminist. MORE

5 Comments on Democrat Rep.Steve Cohen, a Failed Feminist Prop

  1. Do liberal men operate under the impression they must re-use the frames they got in third grade forever?

  2. D-Memphrika

    These are the people who dig up graves in their spare time.

    Only with a compliant, leftwing media can the guy who was recently busted pretending that he had a 25 year old blonde, long lost bombshell daughter get away with talking about someone else’s kid and not have that thrown in that catcher’s mitt of a frog face.


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