Democrat Wants Judge To Declare Her Winner in Tied Virginia Race – of Course She Does

Republican David Yancey won Virginia 94th district race. A recount was ordered. Presto, Shelly Simonds won the recount, as democrats always seem to do.

She won by, go figure, one vote.

Gee, I wonder how the dem always wins when this is the kind of group that does the recount.

But judges later determined that a ballot that had been thrown out was really a vote for Yancey.

The tie was to be broken by putting each name in a film canister and then picked from a fishbowl. (That’s the legal way in the commonwealth.)


Yancey blocked it from happening and just wants the judges to declare her the winner. Why?

Because, that’s why.

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  1. Get some still photos of everyone before the counting. Now compare the eraser on the pencils now.
    Gee, the eraser is almost gone. How did that happen?

  2. So the republican won by 10 votes yancys team gets to see absentee ballots and then she wins by 1. Nothing to see here the party has spoken

  3. Did you see the ballot in question? Is that ever confusing! The voter colored in the ovals for both candidates and one oval also has a slash through it. In another column the oval has an X in it.

  4. Deceit and fraud.
    Fraud and deceit.

    Either way, it’s the only way Demonrats can win.
    Americans just don’t accept the socialist model. There seems to be something visceral in our rejection of that benighted prevarication. But the socialists can’t let it go – outside of izlam, socialistic totalitarian has proved to be the greatest instrument of oppression the world has ever known. For that reason, alone, they won’t give up. Even izlam requires, at a minimum, lip service to Allah, whom the socialists sincerely reject.

    Voter fraud and electoral deceit (lying to the electorate) should (must) be treated as what it is, TREASON, to be curtailed. Neither party has a lock on the TRUTH, and any candidate lying, or buying votes, or rigging elections must be put to death – or at least incarcerated for life … in a penal colony … one of the asparagus farms in North Dakota or a watermelon ranch somewhere above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

    THEN they’ll know we’re serious about electoral integrity and that we believe our country is worth saving – and not until then.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I think you’re onto something. From now on when you register to vote you take a mandatory I.Q. test. We establish a benchmark. Those below the benchmark automatically vote Lib. Those above——. On second thought if you’re below the benchmark, you can’t vote. Boy are we screwed.

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