Democrats are urging Joe Biden to get into the Presidential race

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15 Comments on Democrats are urging Joe Biden to get into the Presidential race

  1. if this isn’t unfiltered proof that Hillary is toast….
    The Dem base is in panic mode…Sanders is too far left, Webb and O’Malley have zero name recognition, so they are turning to their only hope….Crazy Uncle Joe.

    Let him run…Watch him lose.

  2. DAMN! I’m like so … HA HA HA HA! Fart jokes?
    Man, I already got all the fags, the spics, the nigg … uhhh, the negroes, the chinks … only thing I’m missing is the hens! And shit, they all love it when I touch em and rub all up aginst em!

    Need some little girls … yeah, that’s the ticket! Little girls are so cute and cuddly … and HOT!

    Maybe get a Brownie Troop to sign on …

  3. They aren’t seeing the continuation of 0bama in Hillary, Sanders or 0malley? They are hoping Biden will keep on the path?

    Sure. Yeah, he can just keep on truckin.

    After all, you don’t need to steer when you’ve gone over the cliff. ANYONE could drive then.

  4. Webb might not be that well known but he’s a serious man-highly decorated and was in fierce combat, best selling author(I’ve read several of his books and Iiked them), was in Reagan’s administration and was against military involvement in Libya(and Iraq).

    I do remember he got a bit crazed attacking W but you have to say, he’s by far the most genuine man the democrats have running-note I’m not calling him a REgressive.

    He also is proud to be a southerner and will not back down from his families’ heritage. He’s a tough SOB, you better believe it. The far left wacked out REgressives that are flocking to Sanders will eviscerate him if he looks like he’s getting any traction. Still there couldn’t be a clearer choice than between him and just about any other democrat running.

    As for Biden, he’s more delusional then Christie if he thinks he has anything more then a prayer.

  5. Run Joe. You won’t eviscerate Cruz like you did Ryan and laugh your way through the next debate. Fool.

  6. At the last minute, Mooch will throw Her industrial sized hat in the ring, and the same idiots who voted barry in…..will vote her in…

  7. “And who needs a Tote Bag when you can buy a Biden ’16 Colostomy Bag with “Make #2 Number One!” stamped on the side.”

    Now THERE’S a slogan any decent marketing team could get behind.

  8. The Defecrats are really scraping bottom! (Not that they ever had any standards to begin with…)

  9. I see a ticket with Hillary and the She-Beast. Hillary would attract all the homers that she panders to and the Beast would intimidate the fence sitters. They’ll perform a public beheading of poor Uncle Joe to drain the nefarious “dumb molecules” from his brain case. The resulting mass will be distributed to the ACLU and NAACP as a vaccine against stupid. It just might,work! Mooch the She Beast is so nasty, she probably drags her ass across the carpet like a dog with inflamed anal glands.


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