Democrats revise their Jackass LOGO @Mr_Pinko

“ALMOST” is the new
slogan. The old donkey is out and the new horse shoe and hand grenade is in.
@Mr_Pinko creates NEW EMBLEM for the Democrats. Voice your PolitOpinion HERE

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10 Comments on Democrats revise their Jackass LOGO @Mr_Pinko

  1. The Dems are destroying themselves before our eyes.
    Their wholly owned corporate MSM are going down with them.

    “$50 Million can’t even buy the Dems a suburban election in Georgia. But it can buy them Fake Polls showing them winning, right up to Election Day.”

  2. It ought to have been the silhouette of a Democrat Blackshirt holding a molotov cocktail while a recently arrived illegal is lining up to vote.

  3. The dems are in a position to have their government funding taken away in so many ways. The rhinos will not do it because they need the opposition. Without it people would soon realize that they don’t need them either.


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