Dems Prepare For the Future By Moving Even Further Left

They aren’t even trying to lie about the abandonment of the working class anymore.  Both their leadership and their donors are boldly shifting the democrat party to the hard left (i.e. going full socialist).

The Party shift, Here

Donor shift, Here

A winning strategy, guaranteed.


16 Comments on Dems Prepare For the Future By Moving Even Further Left

  1. Sadly, I know a lot of people who live their lives as conservatives but vote dem. Makes no sense and I don’t know how to convince them otherwise. Vote for their own demise. Also, I keep waiting for one of these friends to get whacked by a dem policy that they support (I.e., be a victim of an illegal alien or groped by a “trans” in a bathroom) but it never happens!

  2. The democrats just don’t understand that the American public JUST won’t vote for dumb women….well, most of us….

  3. With the educational apparatus in the Marxists hands they know it’s just a matter of time until their insanity is mainstream.

  4. Well one thing’s for sure – – the idiots who got student loans won’t have a dime to give them.

  5. You know what intrigues me the most about the Prog support of going left?
    Do they really think they will be exempt from purges of the intelligencia, film making, academic, pecksniffian assholes? Look it up, it’s like they cannot read or sumpin’, it’s happened before.
    Sooo, you’re saying THIS time, it will be different? ‘You’re’ going to be a benevolent dictator, raining down free Bubble-up and Rainbow Stew.
    Guys, no really, guys, a weapon is your only friend during a revolution.

  6. The left still thinks socialism will work, they just have not done enough of it yet. May they never win another election.

  7. I was thinking earlier today that the problem with politics is that when the right controls government it spends most of its time and energy repairing the damage done by the left.

    When they are voted out they go peacefully knowing that the left will screw things up to the point where the right will be voted back in to fix things, again.

    The problem is that the further left the leaders on the left go the harder it is to get them to surrender control of government, to the extreme of totalitarian repression and the deaths of millions in pursuit of their destructive utopian policies.

    This is why we have to keep up the good work of countering the left at every turn and try to drive their ideology into oblivion.

  8. @Geeknerd October 8, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Republican perfidy!? How dare you!? The Republican Party is as loyal as they’ve always been! It’s not their fault if Gruber voters don’t know what that means. Harrumph!

  9. Their behavior is what got Trump elected in the first place. Now if they’ll just keep it up until the rino’s are weeded out we may stand a chance of getting this country back to semi normal.

  10. If the DemonRat party commits suicide is it of any benefit to the country if they’re replaced by the accomplish nothing GOP party?

    It’s almost 9 months since Jan 20 and they have yet to birth any legislation that moves the country in the improving direction.


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