Denny’s Mascot A Real Steamer

He’s suppose to be one of four different mascots that Denny’s is using to promote its breakfast menu (bacon, egg, sausage, pancake), but customers have only been focusing on the sausage and its resemblance to a South Park character, Mr. Hankey.

You don’t want to eat Mr. Hankey.


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  1. Can you imagine the marketing meeting?! How many thought it looked like a log of poo and were afraid to say so. The slogan underneath is even better “Snap the Slam”! Yeah, I went to the bathroom and had a big slam!! At least they are getting a lot of publicity.

  2. Whoever says this looks like a piece of crap probably thinks their shit doesn’t stink either. Not once have I seen a piece of shit compacted into such a perfect delicacy. And I’ve seen quite a bit between myself, kids, dogs, and wild animals. It never, ever, has looked like the delicious sausage depicted by Denny’s. In fact, go hit up a loaded porta-potty and see if you can fish a good one out for us.

    Mr. Hankey has lumps and better color.

  3. @Fritz the Cat; I thought it WAS Lena Dunham.

    Anyway, how the hell did this get by peer review at the ad agency and the clients? Geezuz, it’s not a stretch to figure out what was going to happen.

  4. Though we live in British Columbia, we watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy on a station from Detroit. One of the advertisers they have is a roofing company (Mr Roof?) and their “mascot” is an animated nail that looks like Mr. Hankey.

  5. The reason your anus doesn’t produce a sonic boom before it slams shut is because your flatus pressure never reaches 1.68 atmospheres. Otherwise, we’d all be deafened by eating at Denny’s.

  6. The last time I ate at Denny’s, they had a big promotion for their grandslam breakfast. All you can eat. The eggs and pancakes were fine. The bacon and sausage links were totally flavorless mystery meat. I haven’t been back.

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