Diplomacy: John Kerry Ticks Off India Over Climate Change Remarks

John kerry

LonelyConservative: America’s top diplomat John Kerry has ticked gone and ticked off India. Apparently, they aren’t on board with going back to the Dark Ages in order to comply with climate change agenda and he just couldn’t keep his globe-trotting, carbon-spewing mouth shut.

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  1. Lurch’s picture is in the dictionary under both “douche” and “arrogant”. Maybe we could get Webster’s to go for the hat-trick and put his horse face under “equine”, too.

    “Hey, Kerry, why the long face?”

  2. arrogance is a trait that i will never understand, and there is a level of arrogance that transcends all other limits

    kerry is at the top of the scale, one that defines who is is

    mentally deranged, and dangerous

  3. Did you know he was given the Purple Heart, Silver Star, and Bronze Star Medal?

    Not that that has anything to do with his white male cisgender carbon imperialist privilege.

  4. His hatred of the USA is long standing and evident in his every deed.

    I remember one story that he threw somebody else’s medals over the White Hut fence.

  5. You know, I heard that inbred twat Prince Charles intone at the big Glo-Bull Warmist conference today “We need to take action to protect the unborn future generations”.

    Can somebody help a brother out here?

    How are we supposed to, as a society, give more of a shit about the future unborn, while we currently slice and dice the present unborn?

    Yeah, I know. Leftist logic. But still!

  6. All they have to do is go along with the charade and sign the deal, and they’ll ALL get to help divvy up the American taxpayers’ dollars.

    Don’t have to believe the stupid bullshit (like izlam) just have to go along with it.

  7. If they were at all serious about stopping global warming all the elite’s need to do is stop borrowing on the federal budget. $20 trillion in US debt is energy we robbed from our future to live in the present. To continue borrowing and spending money we don’t have is accelerating the warming, scientifically speaking. Yet you don’t see a single politician willing to stop spending. The only outcome for “climate change” (as if there is such a thing as climate not-change) identified by the politicians is catastrophic, they have a list of 21 identified in a short 1-minute YouTube clip. If we’re talking a catastrophic outcome then action needs to take place immediately and that starts with reduced spending. They can bicker and blame you for improperly sorting your garbage, but the bottom line is they invented the catastrophe and aren’t willing to so much as lift a pinky finger to do anything about it, rather they want to take more from you and that generates more pollution and keeps them in power.

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