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  1. There are a lot of people WHO DIDN’T GET ELECTED PRESIDENT walking around with swelled heads.

    What did Reagan say? A lot can be accomplished if people aren’t looking to receive credit.
    Something like that.

  2. Whoever drew 1st blood in this match is to blame.

    After leaving the White House, there should have been an unwritten agreement that everyone keeps their mouth shut about the other, no matter the circumstances.

    Both parties need to focus on democrats, not each other.

    Shame on you boys! I ought twist both of your ears and make you sit in a room until you shake hands and make up.

  3. Since this story was made by a known liberal fabricator I’m still reserving judgment

    PDT appears to believe it, but perhaps should have held his fire. It would have just gone away
    With no fanfare. Now it’s a lead story. Suddenly the lib media is all afire.

  4. Between this and the DACA tweet the President posted, I say we need to keep praying.
    I’ve been praying for the President, his family and those surrounding him every day. We can’t let our guard down.

  5. Bannon “puttin President Trump’s bid’ness in the street” true or not is uncalled for. He resents that Presdent Trump doesn’t care for his overbearing attitude. Bannon is living off Tea Party fumes that are a decades behind the times. Mission accomplished for real this time. Conservatives have a President on our side. Wasn’t that goal of the Tea Party? No, President Trump is not a conservative demigod the blind mice NeverTrumpers crave, but Mr. Trump is implimenting more conservative policies than any Republican – ever.

  6. @PHenry – I’m reserving judgment as well. Everybody seems to be happy to take what Wolff has written as the gospel truth, but if you take a look at what others have written about him (pretty much universally terrible). Also, some of the people “quoted” in Wolff’s book are on record saying he at best took stuff out of context and at worst made shit up.

    I’m leaning toward thinking the whole Trump/Bannon/Jared/TrumpJR reaction cycle is some kind of scam (but the good kind of scam).

    But I could be wrong.

  7. Andrew breitbart spins in his grave. Who da f does bannon think he is? El Supremeo? F him. His nothing. i’m done with bannon. he had his 15 minutes.

  8. As hard as it may be to imagine, it’s always possible this tempest in a teapot may be a foil for something else. I’m gonna let it play out. As has only happened about 365 times already in the past year, whatever has happened seems to land the good guys on their feet.

  9. So…the alleged comments made to Wolff were in June 2016. Bannon thinks it’s high treason by a bunch of know nothing dumbfucks and he thinks to himself “where do I sign up?!?”

    Let me bear my soul to this shaved gonad from Vanity Fair/the Guardian/GQ, versus some sympathetic conservative outlet, all of my deepest, darkest suspicions.

    Sean Hannity, somehow, doesn’t want to talk about this palace intrigue tonight. I’ll wait and see.

  10. “I’m leaning toward thinking the whole Trump/Bannon/Jared/TrumpJR reaction cycle is some kind of scam (but the good kind of scam).” Me too.

    Oh, and that “writer” also claimed that Melania wept out of despair on election night. And that Trump sits in bed at 6:30 shoving fistfulls of McDonalds into his mouth. Yet Trump did not push back against those claims.

    Don’t throw me into the briar patch! I wonder what the other hand is doing?

  11. Bannon, Breitbart, Bossie and others, myself included (sadly) got a very egotistical sense of our importance during the early days of the Tea Party insurgency. We had many early victories and the more we were described as a phenomenon the more we ate it up.

    Breitbart left us in the middle of it. RIP

    But egos that we accused the establishment of having were consuming us as well. One day I asked myself if I
    hadn’t betrayed myself and my core convictions and hadn’t become a glad handing bullshitter myself.

    I was known by many, invited to events at the governors mansion and other high profile events where everybody knows you and talks to you, all the while you all glance the room looking for someone MORE important to talk to.

    Politics is a sick business.

    I dropped out.

  12. not sure what’s going on? … whether this is a real feud between Trump/Bannon, or something else these 2 have cooked up …. but …..

    Bannon was the one that foisted Roy Moore upon us, while Trump backed Luther Strange … grist for the mill

  13. @cato January 3, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    Were there any hope he could even have “better” explained to him, he wouldn’t be in a position to be asked.

  14. Looks like Mr. T kept his friends close and his enemies closer.
    Not smart on Bannon’s part, you don’t burn bridges.

  15. Obviously, Wolff is a lying toad, but I think Bannon had previous scrapes with DTjr and he just kept his mouth shut til now. I still wonder what Bannon was to have been leaking, and was that the reason he had to leave white house ahead of schedule. This is the 3rd time it has been said that Bannon leaked. So what was he leaking? If he did, what’s Breitbart going to do about Bannon?

  16. The back biting leaks from the White House stopped when Bannon was fired. Breitbart is almost unreadable with a daily anti-Jared rant.

    Bannon is no Andrew. You don’t savage a person’s children and not expect blowback – especially a guy like Trump who ate mafia dons for breakfast.

    I’ll stick with Trump on this one. He beat 16 opponents and won the nomination before Bannon ever showed up. Kellyanne Conway ran the final stage of the campaign but Trump was always in charge.

  17. @MJA, I believe her name was Sarah Carter. The gal that kept getting all of the hot scoops from someone on the inside. Her “scoops” ended when Bannon left the team.

  18. “Breitbart is almost unreadable with a daily anti-Jared rant.”

    I noticed that, too. They keep putting stars and tiaras around their names (like they do for Megyn Kelly). Kinda weird. I mean, I’m not a fan of ‘Javanka’ either and I wish Trump had left them out, but unless Javanka have committed crimes or threw cats into a woodchipper, STFU about them already. Sheesh.

  19. Everything Bannon ever said, on the phone or near his computer has been recorded.
    Then juicy quotes are packaged up and given to Woolf to produce a book to destroy Bannon.
    Omarosa Manigault is going to be given the same help in her book on the Trump marriage.
    Notice the Conservative Tree House only goes after the FBI never the other agencies, who were certainly involved as well.

  20. IMO, I think Bannon is holding back ala James O’Keefe. Then once all the NeverTrumpers and Fake News have crawled out of their holes and had their victory lap, he’ll lower the boom on them with recordings, video, etc.

    I used to read Drudge every fucking day and even had his app on my cell. But about 2-3 months ago I stopped reading his shit and uninstalled his app after I got tired of his NeverTrumperLite schtick. Matt, you did a great service to this country by uncovering the Monica Lewinsky scnadal. But your SellBy Date is long past. STFU and GTFO.


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