Do the DACA kids realize they’ve been used?

American Thinker: The Democrats backed away from their threat to shut the government down if Congress didn’t amnesty Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients.  This should be a clue to DACA recipients that they have been used as political tools all along.

Because for a while there, nothing was more important to Democrats than getting these foreigners the benefits of U.S. residency and citizenship.  They wouldn’t budge.  Border control had to go, too.  They’d never bend, they said.  It was baffling.  They were willing to shut the entire government down if DACA recipients didn’t get to stay here, even though there were only 800,000 of them and not all would take advantage of it?  Even with chain migration, it was a relatively small number compared to the 300-million-plus size of the U.S.  Would they really shut the government down for this relatively small group of politically useful foreigners?

Nope, they caved in and folded like a cheap suit when word got around that shutting down the government would mean the voters would blame the Democrats.  Political expediency concentrates their minds.  So long, DACA kids.  Net result: DACA recipients got a temporary fix for a few years, not amnesty and free citizenship ahead of all the people waiting in line.

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  1. Looking at the picture of that train makes me wonder what the Trump Administration is up to by their recent decision to rename the program “Deferred Action for Childhood Hispanic Arrivals Unlimited”…


  2. Why should DACA recipients even get a temporary fix for a few years? What’s in the deal for Americans *now* that makes their ILLEGAL presence worth it?!


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