Do You Know About the AppleSeed Project?


…one recent Saturday I found myself, rifle in hand, at a nearby farm in the company of 20 women and girls.

We were there to attend a LadySeed, the women-only version of an Appleseed marksmanship clinic. Project Appleseed, as you may know, is an effort to turn Americans back into expert shooters “one rifleman at a time.” Its events are put on by the wonderfully named Revolutionary War Veterans Association and are staffed entirely by volunteers.

It’s not just about shooting. Each Appleseed also features an extended history lesson focused on April 19, 1775.

But mostly it’s shooting.
A blog post is too short to cover much about the events. The quickest and best thing to say is this is valuable training for anyone — man, woman, or child — who wants to buff up on rifle skills and do it with excellent help and in good company. And if there’s an Appleseed near me in the uber-boonies, there’ll probably be one near you at some time or another. Schedules are listed on the organization’s site.


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  1. Great stuff! I was very fortunate growing up with so many excellent riflemen in the hills of Oklahoma. Now I’m stuck in the suburbs with only one range that allows FMJ within day trip range.

  2. Perfect place to take your kids or old lady to learn to shoot. Try as you may, they’ll only actually learn from someone else.

  3. I have been to three Appleseed shoots. They are a two day event. I enjoyed the Appleseed instructors, the people who came to learn, and the course itself. Being retired, I was probably the oldest person there each time. The classes are a mix of old and young, male and female, and fun. I have been shooting since childhood, and still was able to learn from Appleseed. Great people in the Appleseed organization. I met another veteran there and we became fast friends. Its been a few years now and we are still going to the range together.

  4. Initially, the event shouldn’t be considered as a place of competition for shooters – for the most part it is an attraction park, but for shooters. I didn’t expect much from it, so I got more pleasure than disappointment. And yet, there are dissapointed people with this event.


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