Do You Want to Laugh Your A$$ Off?

Warning: I hate to do this, but this video has very bad language. In spite of that, I must have played this ten times. Maybe more.

I have a strange sense of humor.

17 Comments on Do You Want to Laugh Your A$$ Off?

  1. Don’t worry Claudia, it just means that you talk to your Sunday critter photos as you post them….not that there’s anything wrong with that….

  2. Watched it five times so far and still laughing ’til I have tears. I love how Carl backs off. Lol!

  3. How do you wash a robot dog’s mouth out with soap for swearing? Dog’s may think that but it’s a good thing they can’t talk because we might really find out what they actually think of us as their owners.

  4. During my lifetime, I could curse along with the best of them. Who am I kidding? I turned cursing into a science and brought it to heights that reached into the stratosphere and beyond. I was a bonified curse meister. I made sailors and ghetto hoodlums blush. I could melt the paint off the walls with my creative lingual filth. These days, I endeavor to keep all that in the bag as much as possible and I have to say, it feels better. This would have been just as funny or maybe funnier without the salty language.


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