Donald Trump Calls Al Franken Al Frankenstein in Tweet

Well, he spells it wrong… but I still love the guy!

31 Comments on Donald Trump Calls Al Franken Al Frankenstein in Tweet

  1. Al Frankenstein. DJT with that sharp wit. DJT has to be the cleanest MoFo alive with all that money growing up. Or then again maybe he has principles. I’m going with principles. Like an honorable man.

  2. The gist of the message is justly…..AL FRANKEN IS AN ASSHOLE….A DUMB ASSHOLE….he’s just dumb and then he gets dumber….then the fly’s come and lay maggots….then the maggots eat….eventually you can grow tomato’s on his head….

  3. When you’re a star women LET YOU grab them by the pussy (CONSENT). The next statement by now PRESIDENT Trump was “I don’t do that. I just kiss them.”
    Big difference between those STATEMENTS and the ACTIONS of CREEPS!

  4. Let’s talk about Trumps “Grab them by the pussy” remark. How hard is that to do. I’ve grabbed them like bowling balls but grabbing by the pussy? It’s not like you could lift them up or throw them. Grabbing? I need to go look that up.

  5. Well Bad_Brad, I can say from personal experience that you can be picked up by the pussy and lifted over head. Kind of scary when he’s 6’4″ but fun just the same. 🙂

  6. RottyLover

    Ever hear about the woman that was trying to join the Hells Angels. She passes all kinds of tests on a Harley and her final task is a verbal interview. Her last question asks if she’s ever been hauled off by the FUZZ before and she answers “No, but I’ve been swung around by the tits”

    Vintage 1980 joke.

  7. Bad_Brad, no holes were used in the lifting. I was fully clothed and he just picked me up and lifted. He was an incredibly strong man and of course I was but a 120# slip of a 16 year old girl. Ah courtship days… Pretty damn sure no 16 year old boy could do the things he could do…

  8. Frankly, I never understood that ‘grab them by the pussy’ thing – how does one grab something that is basically a hole/an opening? Now it’s possible to grab a man by the, um, bat and the balls, so you can see my confusion here.

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