Dude, Pot is Organic Man. Natural. Mother Earth. Peace, Love and Woodstock! Save the Earth.

Toxic waste from U.S. pot farms alarms experts


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19 Comments on Dude, Pot is Organic Man. Natural. Mother Earth. Peace, Love and Woodstock! Save the Earth.

  1. The left is selective about what pollution they’ll tolerate. If it’s exhaust from an engine running to get a man to work it’s bad. If it’s residue left by pot growers it’s just fine.

  2. What exactly is that a picture of? It looks like empty cans of energy drinks. Is this from all the energy drinks that pot farmers use staying up late to guard their crops?

  3. I hear they locate these farms next to
    the Electric Car Used Battery Waste Dump sites.

    LolapaLOSER Festival of Love of Lung Cancer 2017

  4. Gee, it seems liberal utopia California can’t close the lid on this “monkey’s in a barrel” situation they’ve created.

    I thought pot legalization was the end of all their pot problems?

  5. Just insert any Dude quote from The Big Lebowski here. They’ll all work.

    Legalizing pot was supposed to eliminate all the social ill effects. Doesn’t seem to be working out that way.

  6. Pot isn’t (fully) legal. Still illegal at federal level. Some states allow card carriers to purchase, others allow recreational use, others allow plants to be grown at residence. ALL of them have caps & limits. If it were fully legal there would be no caps or limits, like growing/purchasing/consuming tomatoes or peppers. Until it’s actually legal with no limits and recognized as such by the federal government, the black market will continue to thrive…. and even then there will be a (smaller) black market such as the moonshine market today and tax evaders.

  7. Ok. This is a regular occurrence now with webs stories and it drives me $%^&*(^%ing crazy. WTF is the picture showing me? Linked to story, linked yet again to other source. Usually pop-up after pop-up, still can’t read story. Once the ads are overcome, the accompanying video has nothing to do with the subject but instead is Fresno council people arguing about how many pot plants people should be allowed to have. I read the story about pesticides and such being toxic. Nothing indicates what is depicted in the photo. Anyone?

    I going back to bed.

  8. Ted,
    I’m pretty sure those are butane hash oil canisters.

    But I’m not quite sure why it’s pictured in this particular story.
    I’m going back to bed too.

  9. Organic, huh? When I remind some of the local flakes that cobra venom, arsenic and asbestos are also ‘organic’ they mostly don’t want to engage me anymore.

    Which was my whole phucking desire anyway.

  10. The article said this was toxic waste left by illegal pot farms in California. It comes from banned pesticides and illegally applied fertilizers.

  11. I Believe Jerry Brown Is Already Spending The Money, He Will Be Very Dangerous With That Kind Of Money…He May Even Want to Become His Own Country. I Wonder If Jerry Would Just Be President Forever, Actually We Really Need The Money For Infrastructure and Won’t Have It !!!

  12. Lawlessness is all around us and spreading; no, it was always there but now masks are coming off and we’re seeing it where we didn’t see it before. We are right to be outraged and offended.

    And yet, every single failing of humanity – societal, political, personal, public and private – is due to the carnal (fleshly) mind of sin. It’s the downward pull within all of us:

    “Because the carnal mind is [at] enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.”

    And it’s contagious. It’s why God had Israel put away leaven — it symbolized sin in that it spreads unchecked if allowed. It’s why He warned them against intermarrying with the surrounding heathens — more than once their demonic religions supplanted God (for a time).

    This story is, at its root, about pharmacological sorcery. It’s just one more example of the normalized, spreading lawlessness. It’s an object lesson that sooner or later, nothing good comes of man’s sin. No way to do evil that good may result.

  13. Although the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer is illegal on U.S. Forest land, since it is Mexican nationals doing the polluting, they will get a “free pass”.

  14. And, they left out the part where some creeks in northern california have gone dry due to illegal irrigation systems to water the illegal marijuana grows. But, oh well, people need their “medicine”. So sick of this bullshit.

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