Dumbbell Kerry


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  1. And if anyone stood up to point that out to Kerry, he would ARGUE that indeed that missile tells time like a SUNDIAL does.

  2. He’s been a traitor to the US since I was a Senior in HS in 1971 when he protested with the Vietnam veterans against the war and threw his medals back. And what he did when in aiding and abetting the N Vietnamese communists during the Paris Peace talks in 1972 should be equally treasonous. He’s one of a very few former Navy Officers who I have absolutely no respect for. And I’d be willing to bet that Jimma Carter was in it on it when he commuted a lot of crimes against peace protesters, draft deserters anti war dissidents etc. after the Vietnam war including Kerry for participating in the peace talks as a former Navy Officer. He’s a lying, traitorous POS all the way through.

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