Dumbbell Leftist Colbert Audience Has To Be Corralled Into Proper Thinking

When told of the breaking news that Trump fired Comey, the Colbert audience cheered. Then they were re-indoctrinated by the execrable Stephen Colbert, who called the audience “Trump fans,” after hearing the audience’s honest reaction.

Such morons.

11 Comments on Dumbbell Leftist Colbert Audience Has To Be Corralled Into Proper Thinking

  1. How did this prick get his job? His “jokes” were completely devoid of humor. His audience mus have an average IQ in the low 70s.

  2. Shame on those Trump fans, they needed somebody to tell them what they should really feel.
    Progs have no self-awareness, an illness highly contagious amongst sheep.

  3. Sheeple. Getting their marching orders from an unfunny asshat with a defective ear. Liberals are so damn stupid.

  4. Trump mentioned that Comey had told him that Trump was not being investigated to negate the impression of a cover-up – not because Trump was engaging in self-aggrandization. Self-aggrandization was what Obama did most of the time.

  5. What is funny is Rush is always pointing out they say conservatives are the sheep parroting back talk radio. Again, the charge fits them and not the Trump voters.

  6. The unwashed illegal hippie that runs the “applause” audience direction signs was baked on “medical marijuana.”

    The Political Officer directing him was distracted when he dropped his copy of Mao’s Little Red Book.

    Gulag for both.


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