Durbin Uses Phrase “Chain Migration” on Senate Floor

Durbin is one of the most despicable schmucks in the senate. He will say and do anything, including lie, to score political points.

7 Comments on Durbin Uses Phrase “Chain Migration” on Senate Floor

  1. professional politicians, that’s what they do, they lie.

    that’s what drives them crazy about trump, he tells the truth and they can’t handle the truth!

  2. At least with the new media these frauds are getting the exposure they’ve long avoided. It’s also the main reason that they are so desperate to keep the illegals here,most everyone else is wising up.

  3. When he was born his dad took one look at him and said “Geez! What a fuckin dick!”

    His mom asked if he (his dad) wanted to name him “Dick” and he (the dad) said “whatever.”

    And thereby hangs a tale …

    izlamo delenda est …


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