Ed Asner’s Stupendously Dumb Take on the 2nd Amendment

Asner says the country was founded on Gun Control.

You read that right. This moron thinks the founding fathers didn’t want guns in the hands of every able bodied man, this, after every able-bodied man stepped forward to defeat the British who were literally coming to disarm them.


Here is Madison’s first draft of the Second Amendment:

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, a well-armed and well-regulated militia being the best security of a free country; but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.”

Madison’s intent could not be more obvious: his Second Amendment refers only to state militias. If not, why include that exemption for what we now call “conscientious objectors?”

When Madison’s amendment was rewritten by a joint committee from the House and Senate in 1791, the “religious” exemption was lopped off as too cumbersome in language and too complex to enforce. Thus, the Amendment as it now stands.

And yet today, despite the evidence, the gun lobby has the chutzpah to claim that the Second Amendment belongs to them and them alone. Guns, you say, will always be with us. OK, we get that. But what’s at issue is whether the Second Amendment can be read as a fundamental and absolute right (as the NRA claims) that can neither be limited nor regulated.

Read Downtrend’s take on Asner’s idiocy.

39 Comments on Ed Asner’s Stupendously Dumb Take on the 2nd Amendment

  1. Asner actually got confused: He thought they were asking about “Gum” control and immediately reacted about the “Double mint Twins.”

    The man is as old as dirt and twice as dense.

  2. Ed Asner acted in westerns? Gee….. I only know him as the voice of Granny Goodness in those justice league cartoons. You know, he plays this real ugly….dude in drag who….works……what. I’m not the one who did the voice casting.

    Just figured he was a drag dude in real life.

  3. I heard he molested Mary Richards in the TV studio after a late-night news broadcast.

    Granted, it was only a rumor…


  4. I was going to agree, yes, this country WAS founded on gun control. The Brits wanted to impose it, the colonials didn’t. So there was a war and by the Grace of God, the colonials won and gained independence.
    But after reading Asner’s screeching screed, meh, not so much.

  5. Asner has been wrong for so long, it is not even funny. Gun control as we know it was originally pushed in order to keep firearms out of the hands of negros.

  6. I thought Asner’s article actually made the case FOR gun ownership by the individual even stronger once you tossed out his obvious lies scattered throughout it. Also, change it a little bit to read, “The right of the people to bake a cake, unless their religious beliefs exempt them from doing so” and your really giving Leftists some MAJOR Constitutional BUTTHURT.

  7. Libs are like: “
    -“Get your portable chargers and lets take to the streets to denounce that have a fascist, literally Hitler, in the White House!!!
    -“Yeah!!! But first let’s make the government take away our guns!!!”

  8. Him and people like him are always angry. The subject makes little difference. Gun control or whatever its an excuse to froth with rage aloud. It’s called a tantrum when children do it and political point of view when lefties do it.

  9. So an avowed communist who hates America. Hates white people. Hates god. and HATES damn near everything America has done or stood for over its history, gets the constitution wrong—again. So why EXACTLY should anyone listen too, or care, what that stinking pile of rotting meat says about anything?

  10. “conscientious objectors?”

    No, Ed. You are referring to what we call Loony Liberals, SJWs, or Snowflakes.

    People who are legitimately religiously scrupulous are a whole different set of people. I digress, however, since the definition of words, hence religion, has changed dramatically ever since twats like Ed started stirring the pot.

  11. People should listen to Ed’s advise. He provided me with priceless life guidance when I was young.
    California state Prison inmate # 672465

  12. Ed show me in the Constitution where Health Care is a right.
    Ed show me in the Constitution where a Christian baker has to make a cake that is against his religious beliefs.
    Ed show me in the Constitution where its okay for my 1st Amendment rights to be shut down by SJW because they consider anything I say to be “hate speech”.

    I could go on, but its early and I have other things to do.

  13. If he weren’t famous, Asner would be the crank at the nursing home that no one comes to visit.
    He prolly stinks as bad as he thinks.

  14. He’s got it a little backwards. But actors aren’t that smart to begin with.
    King George wanted to take the gun from the colony along with heavy taxes on everything else. The colonist responded with a big Foxtrot Uniform.

  15. He reads what’s put in front of him – like any good actor.
    It isn’t even necessary to know the meanings of the words – only how to pronounce them.
    And when written, he has only to put his “x” at the bottom, as his director showed him.
    When he’s not needed they put him back into the glass booth, where the feeding tubes and other assorted shit are hooked up to keep him “viable” until the next time they need to trot him out.

    Pathetic. Fucking Pathetic. Parrots parroting nonsense. You’re supposed to teach em to say cute or funny stuff.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Even the Hollywood world of Ed Asnerites didn’t tolerate Ed Asner. He was booted from his hit show “Lou Grant” because he couldn’t keep his big pro Marxist mouth shut. He also played the slave ship enforcer in the tv series “Roots” that depicted him brutalizing black slaves including raping young black girls. Apparently “Mr. Grant” identified with the character.

  17. Yeah, okay. I bet this moron thinks the “right” to kill an unborn child is enshrined in the constitution up until the moment of birth.

  18. There must be one more movie part for Ed somewhere.
    He’s a shoe in for the muddle minded old grandpa that poops his pants and falls asleep at the table. Call it “GET OFF MY LAWN”

  19. The highlight of Asner’s existence was an appearance in an old “Outer Limits” episode,”It Crawled Out of the Woodwork”.
    It’s been all downhill since.

  20. Ed, you’re free to come take my guns whenever you get ready.
    (You might want to pack a lunch and bring a hand cart.)

  21. It continually amazes me that with all our struggles to wrestle away the narrative from leftists, with our struggle to quash their ideas (ones that DO get implemented and change our way of living), that I still have to read “why should we listen or care to what they have to say?”

    Sometimes I feel like people think that the trouble with this country is THIS BLOG, because we report on what the left is saying and trying to do. If only stupid conservative news outlets would ignore the left everything would be hunky dory.

    (I get surly around the holidays. Just ignore me… ignore me like I was Ed Asner.)

  22. Ed Asner was President of the Screen Actors Guild for a while back in the 80’s. He’s also card carrying communist. He’s not just another old Hollywood lib. You can bet he’s done his part to make Hollywood the shit hole it is. The only more vocal communist to come out of tinsel town was Burt Lancaster. Who refused to work with John Wayne.


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