Elon Musk Promises New Models as Stock Plummets

With analysts slashing Tesla’s earnings estimates, and its stock diving toward an eight-month low, CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to spin fanciful dreams of a full-size electric pick-up.  read more here


20 Comments on Elon Musk Promises New Models as Stock Plummets

  1. You gotta admit, the man is a genius when it comes to getting the general lemming population to fund future promises at a zero interest cost to the company through pre-orders. It’s like kick starter on steroids. And the media absolutely eats it up with headlines such as, “Tesla receives a HUGE order of 125 trucks from UPS.”

    Ford/GM/Volvo/Toyota/etc rolls out 125 actual working trucks while you slept last night and receives headlines such as, “Dismal sales..”

  2. Trump needs to give him a Pakistan message. He’s nothing without government funding of his fantasy’s.

  3. One thing that keeps Tesla alive is China and several European countries (and maybe California, too) promising to ban gas-powered cars in the near future.

  4. Let me fill his cute little truck with drywall, tools and materials and see how far it goes on a charge.

  5. Let’s ban gas powered vehicles and use electric powered cars instead. Then we can charge them up with electricity from wind turbines that kill birds, solar plants that fry birds, hydro electric plants that kill fish, coal plants that pollute the air, or nuclear plants that kill everything.

    You don’t mean to say that tax-eating leftists never stop to think about the consequences of their actions, do you?

  6. Moller is in business and partially federally funded because of the new technology they bring to the table. They are way ahead of any infrastructure that would support flying cars.
    As for Musk. View the attached. NASA has been trying to do that for ever. Musk got it done. What’s new technology worth. If it were up to you guys we would still be driving around cars with round rocks for wheels yelling yabba dabba do.


  7. Not a single one of the genius inventors this country has produced got a single dime of federal funding. Ford, Edison, Bell, Westinghouse, Carnegie, Wright Brothers, etc. Their modern day entities would dry up and blow away if it weren’t for the Federal teat.

    The role of the US government is very clearly explained in our Constitution. Providing funds for conmen isn’t there. Free enterprise is how things change and improve, not constant feeding in the federal slop trough.


    How many inventors and start-ups out there could use $50,000 to get going? This snake oil salesman gets millions and produces a few cars that start on fire.

  9. So lemme see if I got this straight.

    Musk invented PayPal and got a couple hundred million or so from the sale. OK, that’s cool.

    Since then, he’s been sucking the hell out of the government tit while producing electric cars no one wants, and spaceships that don’t work.

    Does that about sum it up? And this guy is supposed to be the next Tesla?

  10. It’s too bad they never perfected the gasoline engine.
    I figured out a way you can get unlimited mileage from an electric vehicle.
    Pull a 25 kw generator behind the vehicle. I’m going to patent this idea so don’t try to steal it.


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