England To Open the World’s First Vagina Museum

What the world’s been waiting for… I guess.

The museum will be closed once a month for 5 days.

(Okay, your turn.)

HT/ The Big Owe

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  1. “The often lame attempts at humor have thankfully served to strengthen the movement to see Schechter’s vision fulfilled. Many of the jokes are “funny until you realize the point is that vaginas are bad, which is pretty horrible,” she observed.”

    What The Heck?

    I spent 9 months trying to get out of one and the rest of my life trying to get back in. Who thinks they’re bad?

  2. MJA
    I thought it was the Rock Hudson museum. I know for a fact the Timex Museum is down the street. Takes a licken and keeps on ticken.

  3. I can see the advertisements now.

    Open for business, slide on in.
    You ain’t seen nothin tell you’ve seen our muffins.

  4. Vagina’s are a lovely thing. I’ve been dedicated to the study of such for more than four decades now. Their very best aspect, is that they are attached to a woman. And that right there is marvelous.

    I love these things. They have provided me with endless hours of enjoyment, discovery, and if I investigate properly twitching, heaving, spasming acknowledgements I’m doing that right.

    One of them gave me a daughter. I was there for the conception and later for the delivery. Got to help raise that kid.

    Top that shit, I dare you.

  5. @Lowell ~ can’t eat at a better place than the ‘Y’

    … in the infamous words of the King of Sexual Misconduct, Cad Clinton, “I just popped my head in to say ‘Hello’ “.

  6. “Dinner and a movie?…..I got Cool Hand Luke, some fancy crackers with Provolone and Prosciutto “…..

  7. It’s a vagina museum? So there are going to be ancient vagina’s on display then? Oh, that’s educational. I always wondered what Cleopatra’s vagina was like. Now I can see for myself. This is awesome news.

  8. Oh, so they shut down the sex robot show for fear of muslim rage, but the Museum of Snatcheral History is just fine? Good luck with that.

  9. What’s that smell?
    I’d sure like to get to the bottom of this!

    Heh heh heh … see what I dun their?

  10. You stupid infidels!

    The goat has no need of a vagina!
    He is the perfect … uhh … the profit spoke of the perfect love …

  11. They were going to call it the Pussy Museum, but unfortunately, that name was already copyrighted by the Obama Library.


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